Easter means new clothes!

Ok. I know that isn’t even close to the true meaning of Easter, but in my house growing up, Easter and Christmas were times of fancy new dress outfits, mostly to wear to church. My kids have kind of gotten gypped at Easter time. Not this year! This year Little little girl got the perfect Easter dress for her birthday and I was inspired! We went to Joann’s and there was even more inspiration wrapped around a bolt in the quilting section for Little girl! Little man’s outfit was a no brainer because I love little boys in vests! But Alas! (I’m done with exclamation points just in case you were feeling anxiety for the rest of this post.) He squashed my glorious color matching plans, by having an aversion to pink. Boys, man. Sigh.

IMG_5651  IMG_5677

Layna received this dress and it spoke to me. You know, stories of overwhelming cuteness and sibling color coordination.

IMG_5660  IMG_5654

IMG_5658  IMG_5663

The Plan was to make Garyn a green vest and hot pink tie. Nope. But hey, choosing battles is what motherhood is all about. Although he did win the Battle of the Mohawk…hmmmm… Naomi’s dress was a very similar one to her Christmas dress from 2 years ago, and as it was ginormous on her then, I knew the size would be perfect (if a bit short) for her now.


More Easter and Daddy’s birthday and Spring Break (happens here in homeschool land too) and probably farm stuff coming soon. Hope Easter was beautiful and that you got to remember the very real significance of this holiday. While wearing spiffy new duds. And eating the true candy of Easter…the Starburst jelly bean.

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