I told you munchkins in clown shoes deserve some extra attention.

IMG_5714  IMG_5721

They don’t make baby bowling shoes, which is tragic. That would be magical.

IMG_5717  IMG_5720

Little man is finally big enough to have shoes that fit, and Little girl’s were about 2-3 sizes too big. However, that didn’t stop her from any of the birthday bowling fun.

IMG_5724  IMG_5753

First Daddy helped and then she was much to big for his help. I probably won’t make her wear those pants again…they are sooo cute but no three year old should show that much baby bum, even while bowling.

IMG_5744  IMG_5733

After a game with bumpers, little man is pretty sure he’s ready to turn pro. Next time, he informed me, Naomi will be the only one with bumpers.

IMG_5747  IMG_5731

IMG_5737  IMG_5749

You have to eat greasy food when you bowl. And drink soda. It’s the rule.

All around everyone had a great time and I think we should definitely do this more often. It turned out to be the perfect birthday outing, and we will see if ice skating for Garyn’s birthday is as big a hit.

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