Easter means a long hike…

to the coolest spot in Nevada! Mostly it’s the coolest because it belongs to our family. I’ve written about it before but this year it hit me that it’s ours. No one else goes there (as evidenced by eggs from last year, sunglasses left and then found the next year, never any trash) so it is ours…and that is the stuff of Epic Tradition! (You also know how I feel about traditions…)

Between work and dance and nap time…me, the husband guy, and kids had the whole place to ourselves for a few hours before grandma, grandpa and aunts joined us for the Easter Egg Hunt. It was odd to be on our own, but really nice to go at a toddler pace with no agenda other than make it to the spot and eat.

IMG_5797  IMG_5798

First order of business. We take our PJ&J very seriously.

IMG_5762  IMG_5758

Like I said.

IMG_5767  IMG_5764

I admit it. The photo of me was purposefully cropped to limit the vast expanse of belly that was shown. Yup. I’m definitely big. And the other one is because this guy makes me smile a lot and I couldn’t have hiked in a massive picnic lunch, Easter Egg Hunt stuff, and a non-mobile two-year old on my own. That’s why we parent in teams right?


The shenanigans that happened this year were hilarious. Mostly the fact that Naomi insisted that she was a Golden/Silver fox named Aria who had a den in which she took naps and had to take dust baths to keep cool. Garyn is all boy and had fun hunting and exploring and playing mountain goat.

IMG_5788  IMG_5775

She thinks she’s a big girl climber. My photographic evidence of her on her back after rolling down a rock and ending up like a beached turtle suggests otherwise. And in case you were wondering…I took a picture because she thought rolling down was hilarious and she was smiling. While she isn’t quite there yet as far as walking/climbing/Egg Hunting…she had a great time and as always made everything better for the rest of us.

IMG_5834  IMG_5829

These are my two favorite pictures from the Hunt. It was great and just the right amount of holiday commercialism.

Hope your Easter was family and candy filled and that you got to reflect on everything this beautiful time of  year means. I didn’t get very much reflection time…but that’s ok. My kids and Husband remind me every day why I am grateful for Easter.

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