Spring Break

I’ve had the conversation about the magic Trifecta of friendship with a few of my friends. How it is necessary that 1) you like them 2) you like their kids 3) your kids like their kids, and how rare it is that all three happen well. Now if husbands mesh, it’s just gravy. So you can imagine how excited I was when my good friend (who easily meets all three measures) invited us to do a Spring Break Camp with her and her sister (another good friend who also meets all three…I should meet more of their sisters, I really like what I’ve found so far…hmmmm).

Here is how it worked. Each mom took all the kids for one day of Spring Break from 10am – 2pm-ish. Also each Mom had a themed day.

IMG_9678  IMG_9689

I was probably more excited than my kids at the first day’s “Art” theme. Art is one of my favorite things ever (both creating and admiring) and I feel a lot of mom guilt that I don’t make it happen more at my house. They loved it and once again I was reminded at how much I love having brilliant friends.

IMG_9716  IMG_9708

Day #2 was “Camping/Survival Skills.” The highlights were coming home with their very own jump ropes and flashlights. My friend taught how to tie knots with the jump ropes and they even got to play in a full-size tent set up in her dining room. As a point of interest, I’d like to call your attention to Little girl’s Minnie Mouse skirt. That was the compromise. Her plan was to wear plastic princess high-heels (Don’t look at me like that! They were a gift and she loves them!). I thought the skirt was a better camping choice.

IMG_5618  IMG_5622

Of course my day was “Farm” themed. We had brand new chicks at the time so the kids got to start off holding the baby babies. Then we went outside and they could see chickens that are still young and small but definitely not chicks anymore. The big girl chickens enjoyed the hay that the kids brought.


They gathered the eggs that were outside and I had some already prepped for egg dying as Easter was the following Sunday. So turns out Kool-Aid to dye Easter Eggs is the most brilliant thing, EVER! The colors were really nice, it was way easier and cheaper (we never use the other junk that comes in a kit), and it smelled great. I’m sold. Also can I just say what a pleasure it is to do projects with 5 really well behaved kids who are all just fun to be around. Yay!

IMG_5630  IMG_5641

See? said awesome kids, and awesome colored eggs. I wish I had shown the blue a bit better because it was my favorite.

Our last activity was to go check out a goat. I showed the kids all the parts of a doe, they fed her animal crackers and I showed them how and where the milk comes out. Weeks before I found a way to make soap with them because as well behaved as they are, I wasn’t about to bust out lye around a group of munchkins. However, the company I buy my fragrance oils from has a line of melt and pour soap, one of which is goat milk. It is just heated in a double boiler and poured into molds. My hands were too busy for pictures but the kids got to pick a scent and the soap worked exactly as planned. To top it off, everyone went home with their loot in an Easter basket. Although you think I would have learned about having the same color basket for each kid. Rookie mom mistake. Sigh.

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