We got to go back to Roos ‘N’ More, but this time we did it right. One of my friends in our homeschool group volunteered to be point-woman and arrange a group tour. That meant that it was just us, on a non-public day and so we got to see and do way more. Too bad major zoos don’t offer the same thing.

IMG_20130405_121646  IMG_5866

Granted we still had a bit of standing on the other side of the fence from the animals. (In case you were wondering, Layna was looking at the huge iguana and tortoise, and the other two were checking out a capybara.)

IMG_20130405_122833  IMG_20130405_124007

IMG_20130405_121853  IMG_5892

Yes that is a lemur on her head and a ferret in her arms. I don’t remember what kind of lizard or deer…but the deer’s name was “La-Fawnda.” HaHa. Good times.

IMG_20130405_125911  IMG_20130405_122926

IMG_20130405_131644  IMG_5891

Little man loved the fennec fox (they are so fluffy I’m gonna DIE!)(<— Quick, name that movie!) The hedgehogs were really cute, and both kids could have walked under the camel’s belly and not touched it. The boy who was the…um…camel rangler? camel rider? camel boy? was just bringing him back from a school tour. He told us all the things he taught the camel to do, and it is basically his camel as he bottle fed it since it was a baby. I wondered how one becomes a “camel boy” and one of our guides explained that the boy’s parents own Roos N More. Ohh that’s how. One of the coolest parts of the trip was going in with the mob of kangaroos. Have you ever seen them run on Discovery Channel? It’s way cooler in real life. One of the does (or flyers) had a joey in her pouch and the guide pulled it out and we all got to see it. So crazy.

It was by far one of the coolest things we have done as part of our homeschooling adventure. Unfortunately, the Nevada State Government is considering legislation that would force them to close down. And that sucks. Maybe I should turn it into a lesson on civics and political activism and go storm the capital. Maybe. Or not. But either way I’m glad we live in a cool city surrounded by cool people who are passionate about really cool stuff.

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