The Fair

Ok so one of the greatest musical lines from any musical ever goes like this…”Dollars to donuts that our state fair is the best state fair in the state!” It is awesome by virtue of its sheer lameness. Like the whole musical is so bad, it’s great! Well I had that line running non-stop in my head when we went to our county fair.

I’ve lived in Vegas for the vast majority of my life and I’ve never been to the county fair. Although it’s not like I would have cared about anything important at the fair as a teenager, as I hadn’t discover my inner Farmer’s Wife. Having put on that bonnet firmly, I was super excited to go…and I almost signed Little man up for the “Mutton Bustin” competition (little kids are strapped to a sheep bull-rider style and who ever stays up longest wins). There would be two outcomes had I followed through on that whim. He would have either discovered his inner passion for rodeo or I’d be paying some serious therapy bills. Yeah, we thought it best to just attend the fair this year and not compete…yet.

IMG_5951  IMG_5908

IMG_5912  IMG_5927-001

So first we had to go check out the livestock tents. At our fair they have two major divisions:  real, big livestock, and all the other small pet-like animals. We saw all the sheep and the winners from the cattle competition. Then the pigs…

IMG_5915  IMG_5922

They had both for-real hogs (which were a first for my kids) and the cutest baby piglets over in the pet tent. Oh. my. gosh. It’s probably good we aren’t zoned for pigs at our place…

It was fun to check out the bunny competition. We will most likely have some entries next year. I’ll tell you all about our new additions in another post.

IMG_5934  IMG_5935

Garyn and Naomi were so patient while us boring adults looked at livestock. They got to go on some rides as soon as we left the tents.  Little man opted for the Wacky Shack (classic fair fun house) and Little girl jumped on a motorized jeep car thing. She liked it. Then Merry-Go-Round for both.


Having some cotton candy and water as we wandered around trying to figure out lunch. For the record: corn dogs should never ever ever cost $4. Ever. Being naïve about prices at events like this is one of my many weaknesses.

IMG_5955  IMG_5956

This one and her faces just make my day. So many ways to narrate her inner monologue!


This was the last thing we saw/did and it was the highlight for Little man. He loves all things machine and since he is going to be an inventor he struck up a conversation with the owner of this contraption. The man explained that it was made by an Amish guy in Ohio who started converting 1927 “Popping Johnny” John Deere engines into the coolest ice cream makers as a hobby. He is now making tons of them and really helping his local community by providing jobs to up and coming Amish boys who are having to leave to find work. It is gas/kerosene powered so no conflicts there. But a problem the man has faced, is that as his business for these things has grown, he needs to have a phone. So he does. On the outside of his house with an old fashioned answering machine (mini tapes and all). Anyways, it was fun to chat with the Ice Cream Man, and he showed Garyn everything about the machine. Also, it does in fact make great ice cream.

I really enjoyed the fair and I’m sure it will be a regular thing for us, especially if we start entering animals to compete. Or I could really go all out and enter some homemade jam. Yeah that would forever seal my fate as Farmer’s Wife, and I’m kind of ok with that.

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