Circle of Life: part two

Our anniversary was this past week, and nothing says “I love you” and “Happy 8 years, babe!” like a vermicomposting system. In my husband’s defense, I claimed this as my anniversary present, because I felt bad spending the money. He actually got me an awesome present complete with a beautiful love letter and cooked me filet mignon (I get what all the fuss is about now!).

Vermicomposting is raising earthworms to create compost. They live in a nifty black box with layers of trays that you fill with shredded newspaper, rabbit poop (or goat poop, among other stuff), and kitchen scraps that rabbits and goats won’t eat. The tray has a grid bottom with holes big enough for the worms to migrate to the tray above once the one they are in is all dirt and no food. Then we get a tray of black, fantastic worm castings (worm poop) to amend the dirt in the garden. And thus completes the second part of our new circle of life!


We went back an forth over ordering an actual system or just rigging one up ourselves. The husband guy (very true to form), after we decided to buy a system, ordered the deluxe model and the most worms that you could possibly fit in it. That would be 5,000! It wasn’t necessary at all, because if they are happy they double their population every 90 days. However, it will totally jump start the process and any excess worms go to the chickens who will love them and are greatly benefitted by eating them (Aww! it’s a cute little circle within a circle…chicken poop is great for worms which are great for becoming…well…um…chicken poop. Ok. Yeah. Cool, but never mind).

IMG_5961  IMG_5962

That is her excited face, kind of. The worms are tiny right now, but they had to re-hydrate after being in the mail and get settled in. Eventually they will closely resemble the worm I dissected in my 6th grade science class. I won’t tell you here how cool these things really are, because the fact that I am so excited about raising 5,000 earth worms in my kitchen is going to get me enough raised eyebrows and polite, concerned smiles.

IMG_5963  IMG_5964

Just because I know you were wondering what 5,000 earth worms looks like. You’re welcome.

So I always proof read my posts (sorry for any typos that still make it through). As I was re-reading this one, I was struck by how much poop is a integral part of my daily existence. I change poopy diapers everyday, I’m relieved that my bunny is settled in enough to have an established “toilet” corner and I am already thinking about how to get her poop in with the worms, I feel daily guilt about the goat yard that should be mucked out and poop added to the compost pile near the fence, and I mildly swear every day when I go take care of chickens and step in their poop (it’s beyond nasty), I read about the benefits of steer manure vs. horse as an amendment for my garden, and I’m going to be adding a poop making machine to the mix in a few months. At least newborn poop smells like buttered pop-corn. Whatever! It so does!

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