My very own Gymnastics?!

It’s rough being a middle child sometimes, especially for my daughter. She gets taken to all her big brother’s classes and dragged to all her little sister’s therapy sessions. So when my friend asked if we wanted to join her and her daughter in a “mommy and me” gymnastics class, I was so excited for Naomi to have her very own class. Then Little little girl decided that there was no way she was going to stay nicely perched on my hip when all that awesomeness was going on. It has quickly become the Girls’ gymnastics class. Luckily the trampoline is very distracting.

[Picture warning: there are about 8 gazillion pictures in this post, because I think little kids on mats doing “gymnastics” is just cute.]

IMG_5988  IMG_5989


Waiting in lobby to go in. Little man hangs out here and happily watches Disney Channel while his sisters do their thing. This is Ms. Ghana, our teacher. Funny thing about Layna. For a long time she has been stranger dangering something fierce. But the first day she was on the floor and Ms. Ghana came up and told her they were going for a walk. Without a glance at me she basically said, “Of course, I love you! Take me anywhere!” What?

IMG_5999  IMG_5992

Classes begin with ribbon dancing to a Disney kid sound track. Naomi is an old pro, but in the last three weeks Layna has been shaking her own ribbons all over the floor. She is so proud of herself.

IMG_6025  IMG_6019

How my girls do the balance beams.

IMG_6035  IMG_6056

IMG_6047  IMG_6049

Layna’s favorite thing, hands down, is somersaults on the wedge mat. It was kind of a bummer to learn that she shouldn’t be doing them because Down Syndrome carries a high risk of atlanto-axial instability (weak head-neck attachment). We’re just extra careful. I don’t worry about the bar…my kids are part capuchin.

IMG_6050  IMG_6028

Today Little Little girl was digging the slide, and Little girl loved the ball pit donut thing (put those monkey toes to good use).

I love gymnastics for my kids. The strength training, fun and different movement, and the confidence of doing it “all by myself” all add so much to their development. Plus, at this age, I’m not down with hard core competition. However, with the husband guy thinking about joining an Australian Rules Football League (more on that later!), I’m sure team sports are not far away for the munchkins. For now this is perfect. Garyn gets a real big kid class twice a month at another gym and the girls get to play and dance and walk on balance beams. Plus dancing with those ribbons and walking next to said balance beams…may or may not be the only real exercise I’m getting lately. I admit nothing.

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