Mother’s Day…it’s good stuff.

I love Mother’s day. And here are my random musing on why: Have you heard the quote from Abraham Lincoln that says, “All that I am, or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother”? It gets a lot of press on Mother’s Day and I’m so glad there are Mothers out there who fit this description. It’s such a beautiful idea. My mom is not an angel, and I am not an angel. For one thing we are both too humanly flawed (our guilt feeling ability would rival even the most devout Catholics), and for another we are certainly way too snarky and sarcastic. But you know what? I’m totally good with that. I come from a long line of fantastic mothers (some angels and some not so much) and I’m glad there is a day to celebrate them all, and their unique contributions to the institution of motherhood. Also I love today because I love my mom-in-law. Somehow she raised my husband to be the man he is and that is the greatest thing anyone has ever done for me (Thanks again, Sara!). Plus she is a delightful mix of angel and feisty that makes me wish we could just hang out more and chat. I love her lots. Anyways.


Me (and my belly…I’m to the point where if Little girl isn’t careful and I turn too sharply she goes flying), my mom, and her mom. So nice to know I’m going to age well…thanks Mom and Grandma for good genetics!

And now the presents and what my hubby and kids did for me…because honestly every woman has a part of her (some much bigger than others) that wants to brag about their level of pampering on Mother’s Day. We secretly compare, because that’s what we do as women. Go look at your Facebook feed…it’s the truth.


If you are still baking or making things with paper cupcake liners/baking cups…STOP! Stop right now and get some of these! Silicone baking cups have changed my life. I have been using the heart ones I bought for Little Little girl’s birthday, but those were, um, heart shaped and thick. These are lovely and thin and awesome. Hey, it’s better than a mop (which, I am disgusted to admit, I also really want). Kids also made me cards (and Garyn wrote all the lyrics to a song and it almost made me cry because he hates to write and he did it and now we don’t have to do writing for a week and I can not feel guilty! Yes!) and Neil let me take a nap and is going to write me a love letter. Sometimes they are late, but they ususally make me cry so it’s well worth the wait. Not too glamorous, but perfect. Grandma and Mom gave me cook books, because I’m a geek. And I didn’t have to make dinner…

IMG_6159  IMG_6161

Dinner happened at the Grandparents where the men did all the work, including entertaining kids. My grandpa is the greatest great-grandpa ever.

IMG_6162  IMG_6163

Nothing displays a deep love like making my favorite food (salad) and a side of bacon wrapped asparagus. Dude. Just dude.

IMG_6175  IMG_6176

One of our Sunday traditions is watching CupCake Wars on Food Network. Food Network is on the short list of channels I miss not having TV. But we kind of love watching it at Grandma’s and the kids enjoy the cheesy drama of it all.


Here are the little people that have inducted me into the Sacred Order of Mothers. The oldest is driving me up the wall lately with his need to control his little sister (we have the same conversations about it 8 billion times a day). His little sister is teaching me the womanly art of “not hitting the kitchen counter with a frying pan out of sheer frustration” with her inability to express displeasure without screaming in that pitch. You know the one I’m talking about. And their little sister has new hobbies…playing in toilets/litter box and throwing important things in the nasty kitchen trash can (keys, shoes, books, etc). And the bizarre thing is that I love it. Not the daily grind of dealing with the above, necessarily, but the silver linings that only moms get. The fact that my son still wants me to sing to him at night and randomly bursts out into the Mother’s Day song he sang today at church. The fact that Naomi spends a good part of everyday cuddling me on the couch and that she needs me to make owies better. And the fact that I will always be Layna’s best friend and I’m her preferred person out of everyone on the planet. It’s a lot like birth.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, as my belly takes over my life. So much sick and sore and crappiness for nine months and then the culmination in ridiculous amounts of pain and mess and lots more pain. And then the baby is in your arms and you would do it again in a heart beat because they miraculously make all of that worth it. Motherhood man, it’s weird. And awesome. I’m honored to be a card carrying member of the club, and to be in such good company.

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