Lied Discovery Museum

There were exactly 100 pictures dumped from my camera to my hard drive after our latest homeschool field trip. I saved you from that by exercising self-control and reminding myself (repeatedly) that not everyone is as enamored of my children learning and developing as I am. But this place is really, really cool, so here are my favorites.

The museum shares building space with The Smith Center and opened this past March. It’s well-designed for kids of all ages (even one year olds…because you have to pay full admission price starting at age one. I would have had to pay for Layna anyways I’m sure, but next year it will be rough to pay for baby too) and convenient for moms with strollers, so I’m a fan.

IMG_6058  IMG_6061

Have I ever mentioned my chronic inability to be late? To anything…ever? It’s a joke to my friends and a mild annoyance to everyone else. Not sure why but 10 – 15 minutes early is my modus operandi. “Seriously, Mom?” she says patiently with the long-suffering of the young martyr that she is. Once other friends arrived and the kids could work on breaking the door, waiting wasn’t so bad.

IMG_6080  IMG_6072

IMG_6070  IMG_6067

WaterWorld! First up was the best part. Something about playing and manipulating water, I think, equals play perfection for most kids. It certainly does for my fish. Little girl loved the balls thrown into the vortex, Little little girl had full access to all the water she wanted (still at toilet height) but with no mom to shoo her away from it (funny side note: even with the water table and toys, while I was standing and talking to a friend, she snuck away and was booking it for the women’s bathroom across the way. A kind lady pointed her out to me before Layna actually made it to a stall. What is it with kids and toilets?!). Little man loved the ball launching device that would splash everyone in a five foot radius every time it launched a ball. I loved that he had that look on his face the whole time.

IMG_6092  IMG_6114

You should know by now that I’m a sucker for cheesy face-in-hole photo ops. Naomi and her friend sat in the throne together overseeing, discussing fashion, and generally ruling the populace as only three year olds can.

IMG_6093  IMG_6123

Pirate ship with working canon. Done and Done. TWO mirror friends to alternate kissing. Also done and double done.

When we got home Naomi informed her dad that he would be building her a castle out of paper, and a Rapunzel dress, and a small queen dress, and prince clothes. She provided him with random books constructions so he could get to work immediately. We now have a daily ritual where I explain that the reason I took pictures is so Daddy could get to work without having to go to the museum to see it for himself and that he will begin full-scale production “this weekend.”

IMG_6141  IMG_6128


There were lots of other things to play with and make and move and hear and see and touch. Layna enjoyed her graham crackers before we had lunch (in our own private room with our homeschool buddies). Little man and Little girl surprised me by how much they loved all the playing pretend. And in the lobby was a very cool exhibit about leverage and lifting up a car. There was so much more, but in the end we loved it all, and if a baby wasn’t due smack in the middle of the summer we would probably be getting a season pass. I’m thinking that will happen after baby so we have a full year to enjoy it, when I can walk around pushing a stroller or wearing baby in a cute trendy baby-wrap, instead of waddling like an uncouth duck, failing as I try to not bump into people with my stomach. People are so nice about stuff like that. And having the rest of the kid population of the city stuck in schools starting in the fall will be really nice too. Can’t wait!

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