“Girl Chores”

My friend used this phrase when describing the pedicures that happened for her and her daughter when her son was on a campout. It still makes me smile. My men folk went on a campout this past Friday night, and to stem the sudden almost-flood of tears when Little girl realized it was boys only, I proposed we take care of some girl chores during a “girls night out”.

IMG_20130517_170340  IMG_20130517_171033

While I was trying to not be overlooked in the line at Chili’s and herd my girls to the table and take pictures, I realized my daughters can not smile normally in pictures. Any nice smiles have to be when they are taken off guard in that split second between candid and posed. Oh well.


Naomi behind the camera (phone). My phone takes horrible pictures, but it’s water proof. That basically made the decision for us given my last 4 phones have met untimely aquatic ends.

IMG_6191  IMG_6194

Cinderella and princess jammies after nice bubble baths. That ended when the littlest one pooped in the tub. For the third night in a row. Warm water must do something magically relaxing to toddler gastro-intestinal tracts. Also no laughing at my hat hair and laugh lines. I am already super wrinkly and I’m not even 30…didn’t help when my husband said I could always be his little prune. Good thing he’s cute.


Sorry for the forced artsy-ness of this picture. We painted nails after Layna went to bed (the trick btw, to cute non-messed up nails on a 3 year old, is to paint while she is watching the movie. That way by the time she notices the paint, it’s dry). This was my favorite picture but the lighting was horrid so I played with some settings in my photo program. It is melodramatic but I kind of love it. A lot like my girl actually. Today she was walking around in my tallest heels saying, “oh no! I lost my slipper!” Princess Girl’s Night = Success! And for the record…I am super excited about adding baby girl #3 to the mix. Pink and I have made our peace.

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