Very Serious Business.

My husband is the king of excel spread sheets. He has used them for everything…responsible uses like our budget/ledger and less responsible uses like possible element combinations in a computer game (there were about a billion and I don’t know that I have ever seen a greater waste of time than that game). Last night I knew our discussion of which fireworks to buy today was serious business. My husband had busted out Excel.

We love fireworks. Living in the desert is kind of a downer in that regard…you know, all that flammable brush. All aerial anythings are illegal. But we soldier on, doing what we can to eek out the most awesome Fourth of July experience possible within the confines of our stupid county laws. Sigh. Anyways, spread sheet shopping list and coupons in hand we headed out of the county this morning to buy fireworks.

IMG_20130525_104332  IMG_20130525_104329

After we shopped (and I chased Miss “I’m two and have my own agenda so back on off Mom!” all over the store) we stopped at a McDonald’s play place to use up some energy before getting back in the car to go pick up our new rabbits (That story is coming soon). See that picture of Garyn? That is some nifty photographic foreshadowing right there.

IMG_20130525_104354  IMG_20130525_104419

That is Naomi’s scared fairy face. She was a fairy and as we all know fairies are afraid of humans. And who knew that the coolest play place ever was in a tiny town in Nevada?

IMG_20130525_111257  IMG_20130525_111252

It was a apparently too long a drive (one hour there and one back) out to Pahrump, the home of our closest Phantom store. Little man and Little girl were about to strangle each other on the way home and Little Little girl took the easy way out. But we made it home with our loot and two new additions to the farm!

IMG_6213  IMG_6212


Here is all of the stuff we got. Since we are limited to fountains, we decided to do what we did last time we bought fireworks at an awesome store…we split them between 3 events. I mean, you can only watch so many fountains before they blur together. So this stuff is going to be for this Fourth of July, this New Year’s Eve, and next Fourth of July. I’m so excited!!! And we may or may not have set off some ground flowers. Tonight. Right next to our rabbit run. Because we are responsible adults like that. Oops.

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