So the birds and the bees, huh?

More like the “bucks and the does,” here on the farm. I hope this isn’t offensive to anyone but once again my inner twelve year old boy got the better of me. Rabbits mating has to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen. But last you knew we only had the one doe. Let me introduce you to our newest members of The Angry Dwarf Rabbitry.

IMG_6217  IMG_6230

This handsome buck is Cap’n. As in Cap’n Crunch. For now our naming convention is cereal mascots/characters and he just looks like a Cap’n (or not really. Now if he had an eye patch…). He is a year old and has successfully fathered several litters. His coloring isn’t great, but we aren’t looking to start registering and showing our bunnies any time soon (Although I had to seriously talk myself out of a show in sourthern Utah that is…oh…two weeks after I’m having a baby).

IMG_6227  IMG_6232

This sweet girl is Lucky. She is considered a Japanese Blue Harlequin, where as our other doe is a Japanese Black. She is three months old and getting along very well in her new colony home. Trix was kind of a snot at first but that is to be expected from an older, more established doe. Now life peacefully passes by in the doe run.


Have I mentioned how awesome it is that this farm adventure of ours awakened my husbands inner handy man? He (and Garyn) built this frame for the buck cages. We only need one buck for the number of does we ever plan on having, but because we want to raise two different breeds, obviously we need two different bucks. Anyways. Husband guy had a brilliance yesterday after I told him everything I’ve been reading about colony life vs. cage life for a rabbit.  We are going to scoot the hutch out from the wall and turn the space underneath into a mini buck colony. So excited!

Ok so back to mating rabbits. Here’s how it works traditionally (and I promise I’m not trying to be graphic, I just am fascinated by animals and the hilariousness of animal behavior). You bring your doe to the buck’s cage for a 2 minute “date”. Most bucks are ready and raring to go all the time, no exceptions. They hop on just like you would expect and get to work. But here is the great part: when they are done, the buck falls over. Like literally just falls on his side and doesn’t move for a while. This is how you know she has been successfully bred, as far as he is concerned. YouTube, luckily, has ample proof that I’m not the only highly immature rabbit owner on the planet.


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6 responses to “So the birds and the bees, huh?

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  2. I seriously loved this post! Oh my gosh I totally had to share it with my husband. I though I new everything about the birds and the bees. Funny!

  3. maggiesmuses

    Wow! I thought I knew everything about the birds and the bees….. thanks for some new info. I totally had to share it with my husband. 😉

  4. Ha ha ha, that is hilarious. Well, there’s no keeping secrets about mating in your house! So funny.

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