in memoriam

Some years are filled with holiday experiences that are deep and meaningful. Poignant even. Like visiting the graves of those soldiers that Memorial Day is dedicated to, as we did last year. Other years the only formal mention of why we celebrate the holiday is in the prayer that is said over dinner. I’m not one to post on Facebook an epic picture with a beautiful quote to express my gratitude that I can have a summer BBQ and enjoy my hard won freedom. I don’t do public displays of emotion (if you don’t count my occasional break down here on the blog, cough cough). Meh…it’s just not how I’m wired. However. I am grateful. And I hope everyone had a lovely day celebrating however they chose to celebrate, because that’s the best way to say thank you, I think.

IMG_6239  IMG_6249

We slipped and slid. Well, Little girl insisted on inch-worming her way down the track, and Little Little girl sat/stood and splashed.

IMG_6253  IMG_6260

IMG_6254  IMG_6259

We spent time with people we love and Layna watched the Mormon Tabernacle Choir present an very cool tribute to those who fought and died. Ok mostly she ate chips and pretended that she is all big now sitting on that chair all by herself.

IMG_6266  IMG_6265

We ate lots of good food. Just so you know, adults/teenagers don’t appreciate having pictures taken of them while they are chowing down. Kids think it is the funniest thing ever.

IMG_6270  IMG_6272

We sailed. Or kayaked rather. And when I say we I mean my sisters who kindly took the kids for a spin around the lake because I was not getting my cute belly-ness into a wobbly boat thing that would happily dunk me in green duck water.

But seriously I am grateful for the freedom I enjoy, most of which involves the people that motivate me to wake up each morning. I love Memorial Day because not only do we get to remember people that restore my faith in humanity, but it is the perfect kick off to summer.  And our summer is going to be EPIC.

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