Last Day of School!

Not really! Well, Kind of! Why? Because we homeschool! HaHa. Actually we did end school (meaning 1st grade) today, because it was the last day of school for most kids in Las Vegas.  Second Grade and Preschool are starting July 1st. Arbitrary? You betcha. Mostly we never really stop doing school so if we take massive breaks because Mommy is, I dunno, having a baby…it’s ok. The big change I’m making is to be much better at recording everything we do. Nothing is really going to change because I like how things are working, but I think I’ll feel better with a record of what was done.

It’s been fun to laugh at myself and all my big plans for this year. I had some awesome, ambitious intentions (I was going to read Plato and Shakespeare…riiiight). Then our van, which had our entire language arts curriculum and my beautifully illustrated hardback copy of The Hobbit, got stolen. Then I got pregnant and sick. Then I realized that since my almost 7 year old’s favorite book is at a reading level way above where he needs to be and Daddy is helping Little Man to not only love math, but believe he is awesome at it, and his writing is coming along nicely (turns out he likes cursive more than printing and is better at it…weird kid). I gave myself permission to ease up and let go. So did we do even a tenth of what I planned? Can I get a resounding “Heck No”!? In spite of that, however, the year was a success and we had a fantastic time. Our homeschool group and the friends we have made really helped with that, and we (meaning all the moms) just finished planning next year. So Excited!!!

At our end of the year homeschool party things went about as you would expect.

IMG_20130531_102839  IMG_20130531_102841

Little girl army crawled down the slip’n’slide.

IMG_20130531_102932  IMG_20130531_102806

Little Little girl enjoyed snacks. “Please sir, I want some more.”

IMG_20130531_102833  IMG_20130531_102830

And the boys (and cute girl that Garyn should marry) had fun stormin’ the castle.


Hope your last day of school (if you still have those) is magical.

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