Riddle me this Batman…

How much stuff is required for a family of 5.73 to go camping on the beach for a week?


This much! Not to bad right? (not pictured: 8 man tent, sleeping cot (big-ish), large blue cooler, box of food, bag of food, 2 Dutch ovens, camp stove, propane tanks/bag of charcoal, beach umbrella (big and awkward), beach chairs, beach mats, and my water bottle. I’m pregnant. It’s vital that I hydrate.)

We are heading out tomorrow afternoon at, oh, about nap time to go down to Carlsbad, CA. I am so excited! Our campsite is on a cliff that overlooks the beach with stairs to get to the shore. There are also showers, bathrooms, and a store. So I figured this is camping I can do given the size of my belly (lady asked if I was having quintuplets…) and the massive reduction in my mobility (I only mostly waddle). Worst case scenario, we are still in the middle of Southern California, which means we can eat out and stay with family if I totally lose it. I’m not anticipating that, however, and plan on coming back with tons of pictures of the most perfect family vacation. Are you laughing at my plans again? Shush, you.

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