Summer Solsticing

It’s the first day of summer! We celebrated by going to the happiest place on earth. Well. The happiest place for this big bellied mother of three.

IMG_20130621_101421 IMG_20130621_101441

This is the look that I got when I asked her to smile. It was deserved. I didn’t mean to kind of shut her foot in the sliding door of our van and then have to set her down on the sand so I could pull over a beach chair. It just kind of happened. The bruise is mostly gone and it didn’t ruin her day, even if I almost started crying in the parking lot because I felt so bad. Moving on. I love my uber tan baby in that color blue. That combination mixed with the smell of Coppertone 50 SPF baby sunblock whispers summer like nothing else.

IMG_20130621_101513 IMG_20130621_112018 IMG_20130621_112141 IMG_20130621_120406

So the lagoon is all the awesomeness of the beach without the waves or the noise or the sand (the kind that gets into cute little girl suits and turns them grayish…sigh). Lagoon sand brushes off nicely and the water is perfect. Also, those orange squirter toys were the best $5 I’ve ever spent.

Little Little girl forgave me enough to come try to steal my phone. All is again right with the world.

After we got home we took naps, then ordered pizza as kind of a “Uncle Ian found an apartment and will be off on his own soon summer solstice” party. My powers of justification are unmatched if I don’t want to cook. But here’s to many more lagoon days and eating watermelon in the sand. Happy Summer!

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