Happy 4th!

Really the only problem I have with blogging, is the fact that everything (especially holidays) are blogged a few days after the fact and that’s if I’m very on top of things, which is usually not the case. Oh well. Was your holiday everything you hoped it would be? Mine was. And it wasn’t. I had a great time, don’t get me wrong, it’s just this holiday (even more than most holidays) brings out the homeschooling mom guilt something fierce. We read the preamble for the Declaration of Independence Monday night for our family night. That was it. No craftiness, no in depth unit study of the Revolution, no memorization or reenactments. But here’s where the guilt happened…I’m totally good with our lack of academic exploitation of this holiday. However, I was feeling the guilt enough to make any homeschooling mother proud, until my 6.87 year old and 3.5 year old stood up, put their hands over their hearts and belted out the National Anthem. They know it and they understand it. It got me to thinking that they know how much their Mom and Dad value and love this country and that’s enough for now. We don’t need to do more if we’ve got that covered. Guilt overcome!

Here is a run down of the highlights.

IMG_6549  IMG_6554

We swam. And by swam I mean “wade in ankle deep pond water while Daddy emptied the pool with a 5 gallon bucket.” Refilling and running the filter might just make the pool swimmable for me again. I say for me, because the rest of my family doesn’t care about silly things like being able to see your feet when you swim.





Grandma hosted the BBQ and we figured since it was so stinking hot, a movie would be nice. “Wreck it Ralph” is one of our current favorites, (go see it!) so we piled on the couch and watched a bit of it. Uncle Ian is our family game master so he and Neil got their geek on and played “Boss Monster,” which is every bit as gamer geek as it sounds. Also the munchkins loved it. Especially Layna, who knows that cards of any sort are meant to be eaten.

IMG_6609  IMG_6583

IMG_6615  IMG_6603

My little pyromaniacs-in-training. My big pyromaniacs teaching the rising generation.

IMG_6579  IMG_6592

This one. Sigh. Little little girl cried, giggled and clapped her way through the fireworks. Mostly cried, and clapped when they would stop. But she loved the “jumping jacks” and ground spinners that made silly noises so the evening wasn’t a total trauma fest. She’ll learn to love them, right?

IMG_6637  IMG_6638

IMG_6641  IMG_6645

Sparklers, ground spinners, and things that launch in the air and make noises…the cheapest stuff we bought…were the favorites far and away. You’d think we would know this now as veteran parents. The fountains were fun, but after 3 minutes you start wondering if this burst is the last one. But they are beautiful, especially the crackling star burst ones. All in all though, it was a nice holiday. I just need to sort out my guilt issues.

Good food, good people, and my husband turned 12 again…that was my favorite part.

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