7…what the What?!

My little man is turning 7 and that means I get to be the ultimate parenthood cliché…when did that happen? when did I become old enough to have a 7 year old?

P1000225  IMG_5660

How did we get from this to this? He’s a stud and I love him. Little man drives me crazy of course, but he makes up for it with the way his mind works (like pronouncing the word atom, “a-tombecause that is how you say it in atomic), the way he cries at a touching part in a story and wants to tell me all about it, the way he wants to go ice skating for his birthday and be an inventor when he grows up and bosses his sister around because gosh darn it! There is a right way to play My Little Ponies!

IMG_6660  IMG_6652

Family Dinner happened early this year because of schedules, so he’ll get more presents and a birthday cake on his actual birthday. Screw driver set made his Inventor Class possible (He and his dad are setting aside an hour a week so his dad can help him take apart stuff and learn how it works…first project was an old CD player). Naomi was of course right there to make sure he was doing everything right. The bossing goes both ways.

IMG_6671  IMG_6673

I think he liked this part of presents better than the actual loot. He shredded paper, balled it up and threw it in the air yelling, “CONFETTII!” His little sisters thought it was pretty great.

IMG_6675  IMG_6679

Since birthday cake is coming in a week, he had candles in his strawberry short cake. And my Grandma does The Money Grab when a grandkid gets old enough to care about money. There is a big bowl of change and you get to keep what ever you can pull straight out with one fist. This kid will make a ton if his hands get to be the size of his dad’s.

There is much more birthday to come. This year is not a party year, but Little man wants IHOP and ice skating and a robot cake, so prepare yourself for much epic-ness to come.

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