Farming is hard.

This is kind of a funny story. Which will most likely end badly. And when I say badly what I mean is me crying over something that really is not that big of a deal (especially since it was never supposed to happen) all because I’m a hot mess of completely illogical emotions right now. And I have hippo feet, which makes badly even badly-er.

Yesterday I went out to take care of bunnies like I do every morning. I noticed that there was a whole bunch of fur pulled and made into a lovely little nest inside a side-lying 5 gallon bucket. “Huh. That’s odd,” I thought. Does only pull fur when they are pregnant and preparing to kindle (give birth), and it’s been stupid hot so Cap’n should be unable to get any of our does pregnant. Huh. Well today I went to check on them because it is stupid hot and there on the ground was…this little dude/dudette.

IMG_6689  IMG_6688

[Kind of cool that you can see where the markings will be] So I quietly freaked out and searched for more kits and didn’t find any. Then I put this one back in here.


At this point I still had a brain in my head, and I left the whole situation alone. Then I came back to check (and take pictures) and s/he had crawled out of the nest. Meanwhile mom was cooling off, completely ignoring baby. Now my brain started to leave and my maternal-instincts-gone-wrong took over. I picked it up and tried to show it to mom. She tried to eat my sandal. I put it back in the nest and tried to move her to the nest. She tried to eat my shorts. I went into the house and got on Facebook and asked advice from the wise rabbit breeders on a group I joined a while ago. They gave me advice. The only problem is…they don’t raise rabbits in colonies, so turns out the advice might not have been great for my situation. But I went ahead and stressed out my doe, and almost got the kit killed when she was freaking out in the cage and pushed it through the wire onto the ground (kind of glad I was paranoid and checking on them every half hour), and kept messing with them when I should have quit. Then one lady, who does raise them in colonies, chimed in and gave me advice that actually felt right.

So mostly I totally screwed up. Not that it should matter, since Mr. Macho Buck Man should not have been able to get them pregnant (back in the cage for you, Mister!) and if I had to learn a hard lesson about rabbit behavior in a colony vs. in cages and lose babies in the process…better one than eleven.  The Baby will most likely not last the night and I can’t take on bottle feeding right now (it doesn’t have a very good success rate anyways). Also it was reassuring to see that Trix did pull hair and did try to nurse at one point.

It shouldn’t matter. But it does. I want to be good at this and I have a hard time accepting failure as part of the process to get good at things. Plus I feel really stupid because I knew better. Sigh. Farming is hard.

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