last birthday post

It turns out being on the verge of giving birth is very bad for my blogging. So I’m forcing myself to finish this last loose end before I completely turn my thoughts to baby, and farm, and everything else that will happen when the baby comes <—- my new mantra. As in, “We’ll get back to eating good when the baby comes.” I get how badly I’m setting myself up but who knows? Not being pregnant could really be that magical and transformative.

The 7th birthday itself was just laid back and happy, if totally different from the master plan I had in my head.

IMG_6693 IMG_6696

It’s tradition in our house (if you are 4 feet tall or shorter) to wake up to streamers hanging from your bedroom door and the hallway filled with balloons. Since little girl woke up first she got to wake up the birthday boy. My favorite thing ever was when she said, “Garyn! Wake up! This is really going to faint you!” You know, instead of “this will make you faint.” Well, Little man got a new bike (finally) and his Dad spent a few hours the night before doing everything in his power to ensure it didn’t meet the same fate as the old bike. Here on the farm we have nasty weeds called Goat’s Head weeds. They ate the tires on his old bike alive. Hopefully now it will be better.

IMG_6716  IMG_6705

Little little girl helped celebrate by stealing presents and playing with balloons.


Then it was off to IHOP. Have I ever mentioned how wonderful it is to go to a place that is up and functioning as early as we are? It’s kind of lame when, because I’m a mom and these guys are early risers, I’m all set to go by 8 only to remember that said store we have to go to doesn’t open until 10. But IHOP was ready and waiting for us.

IMG_6721  IMG_6722

Breakfast was nice…minus paying $10 for two cups of fruit that didn’t ever get eaten. Gah! Stupid un-price marked kids menu!

But then we rushed home to spiff up for some friends to come visit from out of town. It was fun for the kids to connect with old friends and to sit and chat with our friends. After that we were going to dash to go ice skating, but Little man opted to stay home and play with his new toy. My sweet, diplomatic husband guy gently reminded me that since it was in fact Garyn’s birthday he did in fact have the right to scrap plans that had been 6 months in the making. And I’ll admit, dozing on the couch while Layna slept, and the other two played was a bit more my speed at the moment. To round out the day we went to a birthday party for my good friends little girl, who shares a birthday with Garyn. It was circus themed, and since this friend is awesome, she had another friend come and do face painting. You know it’s a good day when you go to bed as a cheetah.

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