Miss Corra Shea McGuire

Well she chose her own sweet time and then muscled her little Leo self into this world in just about 3 hours of labor. I will take it.

IMG_6739  IMG_6743

These two helped me get all 8 lbs 5 oz. and 20 1/2 inches of Corra here and I’m so glad that I had such amazing support. I’ll have better pictures of my midwife, Margie, in my next post but she is a gifted midwife and is a perfect fit for me and our family. Then there is my husband. I’ve mentioned what good stuff I married, right? He thinks I can do anything and loves me more than I think I deserve and that makes all the difference in his birth coaching abilities. I couldn’t ask for better.

IMG_6751  IMG_6766

Ok, not going to lie. Full disclosure here. I let Neil take lots of pictures of me and the baby but the only ones of me I’m showing people are the ones taken after I took a shower and put on a bit of makeup. Yes. I’m vain, but in my defense I’d like my last post-baby pictures to look decent. The other pictures of me post baby are not so cute.

So the big question: How would Layna handle a new baby? Just about like I expected, if not better. She came in to my room, hugged me and then looked at the baby. When it was her turn to hold Corra, she held her just like she’d hold a baby doll and kissed her head. Then she wanted to give her back. Layna has been having fun smacking the babies head and is fascinated by poking her nose. All in all though I thinks she likes the general idea of “new baby.”

IMG_6758   IMG_6761

I’m not a gushy person. My kids make me melt on a regular basis, but I’m not one to share that publicly very often. However, little man almost made me cry when he came in and held his new sister, just beaming with joy. Then afterwards he told me that he said a prayer earlier in the day that me and the baby would be safe and that she would come easily. And here’s the melty part…he said, “You know mom, I think the best word for what I’m feeling is Proud.” Yeah, it’s ok that he is big brother to a bunch of girls.

So Naomi. I think the best way to explain her reaction is to relate a few incidents from today.

Over the last few months she adopted my really cheap and not very attractive doll that I use for my infant massage classes, and named her Corra Shea. She has been mothering that doll non-stop for weeks now…like the doll has a bed and sleeps next to Naomi every night. Today she informed me that the doll is my baby and the real baby is her baby. She is a bit put out when I don’t let her hold her baby.

Early on in the day the contractions were regular and not going away with any change in position. I’d go about my normal work stuff then stop and lean on a wall if I needed to. Layna was very concerned all morning, wouldn’t leave my side, and wanted to be held. Naomi on the other hand, once she realized what was going on, was all about helping Mommy. She’d stand under my belly and poke and prod me during a contraction and say stuff like, “I’m massaging your belly to make her come out better!” “Aren’t you so lucky to have a girl helper like me?” “Come out baby!” Yes. I am a lucky mother indeed.

Just now she came to visit the baby for the 8th time since I threatened her with horrible and vague consequences to stay in her bed. She brought a lock of hair that she cut from her own head to share with the baby because the baby doesn’t have much hair. This is after she lost her scissor privileges for cutting up a soccer net.


I’ll write more about the actual birth and have more pictures in a few days but for now my baby is awake and I want to go snuggle her. I will say that having a baby in the middle of the day is fantastic. It made such a huge difference. Obviously we are a little tired, but so thrilled to have our newest addition here and perfect.


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2 responses to “Miss Corra Shea McGuire

  1. erinhatch

    Congrats!! She’s beautiful:)

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