Duct Tape

My friend appreciates the small things in life in a big way, and one day I hope to do awesome stuff like this for my kids. She started with the premise that duct tape is akin to magical unicorn glitter in its sheer awesome-ness. Then she put together an epic duct tape battle for her whole circle of friends and their kids. The result was a potluck dinner with probably 15-20 adults and a whole mess of kids and then a competition to see who could build the tallest free standing structure out of one roll of duct tape. It was indeed, epic.


Kids eating and playing. I love their backyard. It’s not done up or pretty, but that makes it a perfect kid backyard. We have the same rocks and dirt…however, we also have 37 different species of eat-you-alive ants, and 6 species of I-will-spike-you-to-death weeds that make playing in the yard difficult.

IMG_20130810_162414  IMG_20130810_172618

Little did I know at the time that I was only 2 days away from giving birth when this shindig took place. I busy was resigning myself to a life time of pregnancy purgatory, so needless to say the girls and I were cheerleaders and moral support.

IMG_20130810_162401  IMG_20130810_182059

The teams were set up such that kids and parents were not on the same team. So here is my husband guy checking out the goods, and the final product.

IMG_20130810_174200  IMG_20130810_181107

It is a difficult proposition when you have kids and adults working together to accomplish something, anything…especially with a deadline and a prize on the line (My friend got very cool trophies made for the winning team). If the adults don’t do anything but watch and gently guide the kids, nothing gets done because a lot of the kids were too young to even know where to start. But it is easy for the adults to just step in and solve everything and the kids ideas are kindly received and gently ignored. Garyn did well and the adults he was with did a pretty good job of including him. Mostly though he did lose interest as he quickly realized he was not a decision making force on his team. He enjoyed watching the action and was excited to go back to playing when it was over.

I’m hoping that this new school year will see us getting back into the swing of things. Not school. We’ve been doing “school” and all the kids are further ahead than they “should” be. It’s more that I hope I can get back to being the fun “project and hands-on” mom I used to be…you know when I had 2 kids and no farm. Not that I would change anything about where we are now. I love it. I just haven’t felt like myself for a while now between pregnancy and trying to sort out what Garyn needs school wise (no one does mom guilt like a Mormon homeschool mom) and now baby. My mantra was “when the baby comes ___ will be better.” Here’s hoping there is some truth to that even if it takes a few months to figure out our new normal. And also, fighting ants nonstop in the most horrible of places (who knew breast milk and blood and plantain/comfrey salve were like crack to ants…found them all over a bra in my dirty clothes…and sorry if that was too much info) makes me want to curl up and sleep for a week.

Appreciate is not a strong enough word for my friend who is so willing to include us in the fun activities she is doing, especially now when all I can muster fun wise is play doh, and only if I’m really feeling good about life. Hopefully I’ll be able to pay it forward karmicly someday.

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