4 and all Tangled up

My Little girl turned 4 yesterday. I know that as a mother I shouldn’t have favorites but I think she is definitely my favorite 4 year old. The way her mind works continually makes me giggle and scratch my head in confusion. But she gives great hugs and kisses to help offset when she is being a holy terror. Since this was her first friend birthday party, and I…you know…just had a baby… I made her pick a theme early on and forced encouraged her to stick with it. Tangled it was! If you have not seen this movie, I have no words. Go see it!

IMG_6816  IMG_6817

Invitations were a little purple flag with a card sewn on the back. Making the stencil for the sun probably could have been done in a simpler, more straight forward way; but I was tired and it turned out fine, so unnecessarily complicated doesn’t matter.

IMG_6828  IMG_6831

I hung up purple pennant flags over the doors and windows and as a side note this party really made happy since my most favoritest colors in the whole wide world are purple and yellow. The decorations may or may not stay up months longer than necessary. Our first activity was finger painting since Rapunzel loves to paint and oddly enough Naomi stuck with it longer than any of the other kids. It surprised me because she isn’t a big color-er with crayons. Apparently finger paints are her medium of choice.

IMG_6834  IMG_6840

Then the kids did battle, armed with frying pans, against the Stabbington Brothers and Mother Gothel. The frying pans were paint stir sticks spray painted black then hot glued onto a pie pan. All the balloons had a face taped onto it to make it legit. It will be a sad day when my kids out grow smacking balloons around as an actual activity.


IMG_6861  IMG_6849

Next up was pin the nose on Flynn Rider. They had fun but Layna surprised me. I wasn’t even thinking that she would be aware of a game taking place or that she would want to join in. However, she corrected me. She insisted, not only on playing the game, but playing it like the big kids…complete with blind fold and being spun around. I love my little little girl and am always grateful when she more than surpasses my expectations.


So I completely ran out of time for everything with the party. There were so many things that I wanted to do but I just didn’t get to it because I misjudged time something fierce. The cake in my head was glorious and complicated. Ain’t no body got time for that! Sorry.  Couldn’t help it.  This cake was fine and the cop-out figurine that is an actual toy made it so all was forgiven.


IMG_6881  IMG_6877

I love ironic mom moments where you find yourself saying things you either 1) never thought you would say (“yes, a tyrannosaurus rex in your diaper must be uncomfortable”) or 2) never really should say (“Please stop playing and eat your cake and ice cream!”)

IMG_6907  IMG_6903

After cake it was presents and playing with said presents. After years of wondering if my daughter was pathologically anti-social (nope, turned out she was just two and acting her age) it is really fun to see her playing with other cute little girls her age. I think that was my favorite part of the whole affair.

Yesterday, on her actual birthday, we had a nice dinner at Grandma’s house. Since the birthday boy/girl gets to pick the menu, I asked Naomi what she wanted. She wanted what we had on labor day so I said she had to pick something different. She said, “Meat!” At that point I took over, but that’s my little carnivore. Love my favorite four year old!

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