You name your cars right? Oh good. We do too. Our new van is going to need a name…I’m pretty sure it’s a girl. It was time to upgrade and it was a funny process because my husband and I have very different world views when it comes to buying cars. In his world growing up, his dad bought a new car every few years. That’s just the way it was. In my world we bought the cheapest used whatever would fit the need and repaired it as it broke and helped it hobble along until it refused to hobble anymore. That’s just the way it was. So to buy a new car when we have student loans to pay off and some credit cards to pay off, seemed just extravagant. My husband talked pretty to me and said stuff like “lifetime warranty” and “way better gas mileage” and “you won’t have to shift into neutral at every stop light to keep the engine from vibrating your teeth out of your head.” He won and we got a Dodge Grand Caravan. It is the cheapest we could find with no additional options (except the satellite radio and leather wrapped steering wheel) but I love it and it loves me.

IMG_6918  IMG_6921

The new keys are just weird! Funny story: Layna freaked out (in a bad way) when we put her into it to drive off the lot. I think she thought we were selling her to the circus or something. I got in the front passenger seat and she calmed down. Now she freaks out (in a good way) every time we go for a ride. She and the van are friends now that Layna knows she isn’t being sold.

IMG_6919  IMG_6920

My friend said it best, “Ohhhh…the pressure of keeping a new car ‘new.’ ” Already the van is sporting fingerprints and dusty foot prints. By the end of the week, we should have car seat indents. But that’s ok, new car challenge accepted! And no. There will never be goats or hay/straw transported in this thing. Ever.

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