Baby Goaties! Again!

So this is the real secret behind our family’s popularity with our homeschool group. No one else can offer this kind of educational experience in nearly as awesome a package. I have several friends coming over this weekend to take in the sheer cute that is a 2 day old baby goat. Or four. Did I mention Frosty threw QUADS? She did! She’s my favorite for a reason.

IMG_6965  IMG_20130923_155632

These are the twins. They were born first and the one on the right is a girl (she has blue eyes….so pretty!).

IMG_20130923_155721  IMG_6949


This brown boy also has blue eyes and he is so handsome I understand how goat owners become “weird goat people.” If there was room in our herd for a gorgeous Nigerian buck I’d totally keep him. I might make room, because honestly, I’m already weird goat people. He looks just like his sire and if he is anything like him, this baby would definitely be worth keeping. The other is a sweet girl (Naomi named her Rapunzel…shocker) with solid black ears (that’s how we tell her apart from the twins).

IMG_6963  IMG_6969

IMG_20130923_124031  IMG_6968

I called this “Science” for the day. Here is what happened:

I was going to change Corra’s diaper around 1:30 in the afternoon and I glanced out the window and saw Frosty cleaning up two wet kids out in the yard. What the what?! When Ginger was kidding we heard her yelling a mile away. Not Frosty apparently. And no cushy, comfy shelter. No. She’ll birth in the dirt, thank you. Well I moved her kids into the shed after I cleaned them up a bit. She followed and I ran in to check on my human kids. I went back out to check on her about 15 minutes later, and there were the other two, wet and sticky. After I dashed into the house yelling for my kids to come out and grabbing towels, we went back out to clean up the new babies. We got them clean, made sure they were nursing, then let Frosty do her thing. She is a wonderful mama and seemed so much happier to have them on the outside. She and I bonded over being stupid huge pregnant in the summer. I empathized with the relief wafting off of her in a big way. In less than an hour she single hoofedly almost doubled our goat population. Well done, Lady. Well done.

IMG_6956  IMG_6961

When Neil got home, we all went out to play with the babies. Including kitten, who took it upon himself to be the big guardian watch cat of the goat yard.

So now the babies are a bit bigger, frolicking around the yard when they aren’t head-butting their mother nursing.  If you’ve never seen a baby goat frolic, you should add that to your bucket list. It will restore your faith in all that is good and sweet and awesome in the world. Next up is disbudding. I’ll do a whole post on this but it won’t be for the squeamish among you. Now I’m going to go stand at my window and laugh at my new babies.


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3 responses to “Baby Goaties! Again!

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  2. Your little ones goat and human are adorable….

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