Fort Building

At one of our mom’s meetings for our homeschool group I mentioned “fort building club” as I listed off possible activities for future get togethers. It was a hit, and was the impetus for the older kid’s “architecture” class. We loaded up kids and fort building stuff and headed up to the mountains. After a minor stop/emergency, we quickly realized that the place we stopped was much better than the place we were supposed to go. We also realized (again) that at 60-ish degrees, we were all going to die of hypothermia and thus can never move out of the desert. Ever. It was really fun, and the kids explored and played and the older kids actually got around to building forts.

IMG_20131004_101028   IMG_20131004_104613

IMG_20131004_105343   IMG_20131004_111021


So my girls mostly just ate the whole time we were there. Naomi picked up a stick or two and walked around a bit in between snacks, but mostly she ate. Layna didn’t waste time with that silly exploring stuff. Uh-uh. She got down to business and plowed through our own food before casually stealing everyone else’s snacks. I’m pretty sure she ate a dirt/bark covered banana at some point. Added minerals and fiber, right?

IMG_20131004_112910   IMG_20131004_101145

IMG_20131004_104620 IMG_20131004_105006

Little man was in heaven. He got to do all the boy stuff that doesn’t happen in our tree-less yard.


This one. Oh this one. She is a champion baby. Corra will sleep anywhere, she didn’t fuss about the cold and she hung out in the sling the whole time happy or sleeping. After, of course, I went to get her out of her seat after driving up the road, only to realize that she had poop up to her arm pits. See, no baby is perfect. This girl has had more explosive poop episodes than all my other babies combined and she is only 8 weeks old. However, at this point I’m happily trading “awesome in every other way possible” for the poop debacles that I’m learning to be prepared for.

It was nice to go somewhere that really feels like it’s fall. Don’t get me wrong. Little man puts on a snow jacket and beanie to go take care of chickens in the morning, but the mountains smelled like fall.  It is my favorite season and I’m so glad we ushered in the holiday craziness so beautifully. Did I say crazy? I meant “This Rapunzel dress might very well kill me so it’s a good thing I only have three other costumes to make, and did I mention we are bringing home two more goats, going to Salt Lake in a few weeks, and I’m putting in a huge garden and revamping my 1/2 acre yard by myself with 4 kids in tow? All the while doing something school-ish everyday and making sure my house and family don’t implode.” Bring it on October. Bring it on.

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