To save my sanity come Halloween night, I’m taking pictures of kids in their costumes as I finish them. I am well aware that Halloween is 3ish weeks away, but since one costume [cough]rapunzeldress[cough] is going to take a ridiculously long time, I’m being proactive and starting really early. At one point Little Man wanted to be both Dash from The Incredibles and the OmniDroid (evil robot from the same movie). Like simultaneously. My mom magic/mojo/juju is pretty strong but I draw the line at trying to make a kid a superhero and the bad guy all at one time. I’m not that good. After only a minor look of disappointment aimed in my direction, he settled on Red Bird, from the Angry Birds game. Yes! Sewing with felt! Done and done!



This blogging thing is tough to fit in with all the craziness, but there will be much more to come…I mean our current goat total is 11, an invasion of lawn gnomes is in the works, we are going to Salt Lake City this weekend, and a real dirt garden is happening this week. I wrote that last one in my day planner so it will happen, dang it! Happy Monday and Happy Columbus Day!

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