Garden: Take 53

Yes, that is about how many times I’ve tried this stupid garden thing. Why is this time any different you ask? Well. For one, we got good dirt. Sure it involved my husband guy driving about 15 miles with his mud flaps dragging on the ground because the dirt weighed more than his truck. But it is super good dirt, and if that wasn’t enough I have earth worms in my kitchen doing great and icky things to kitchen scraps so that I can have happy veggies.  Also we will be putting in an irrigation system that does not involve me in any way, in fact it will even have a timer. That’s because I have this bad habit of either drowning my plants, or letting them dry out. Sheesh, picky plants wanting just the right amount of water…gosh. But I can’t wait to give it a go again. Husband man still has his heart set on an aquaponics system, so that might be coming down the line at some point.


It never gets old seeing how excited my kids get when they have a real job to do outside, be it digging or weeding or raking. Makes me smile really big.

IMG_7025   IMG_7027

Speaking of smiling really big. Corra is becoming my outside work buddy. She loves hanging out in her chair while I am outside doing farm stuff. Layna just likes being outside when the shed door is open. That means she can stealthily poach animal cookies (goats love them) while I’m not looking.

IMG_7036  IMG_7035

Naomi decided that she was the “Princess of Dirt” and therefore Garyn was the “Prince of Dirt,” making me, logically, “The Dirt Queen.” Sigh. I’m pretty sure her skirt will never be the same again, but I’m ok with that…it was awesome watching her play on the manure smelling mound with that skirt and pink shoes.

IMG_7033  IMG_7038

This picture was taken just after I finished pouncing Neil for being awesome and bringing me dirt so I could have a garden and then happy dancing in my garden. Moving that much is not conducive to clear pictures. And who needs a Zen Garden when I have a dirt princess to help me de-stress?

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