Baby Bunnies

More learning experiences, courtesy of our rabbits. Our doe Trix started pulling hair last, last Thursday or Friday. We then went out of town to Salt Lake so I expected to come home to baby bunnies. Well Monday they were there. Two babies. Two is a small litter even for Harlequins, but Trix is still pretty young. The kits were just out in the yard so I put them back in the nest and tried to leave them alone as much as possible. I still would go check on them in the morning and at night to make sure they were doing ok and Trix was taking care of them. She is a great mom and they were starting to be fat and sassy. I don’t think I checked on them Friday, and yesterday morning I could not for the life of me find one of them. There was no blood or anything that would suggest it had been eaten by it’s mother (does will eat kits occasionally, but not this late after birth) or anything else. The only thing that made sense was a cat climbing the chain link, grabbing it, and climbing back out to eat it somewhere else. Since we have three and have seen at least 4 others in our yard, the cat explanation is what we went with. After we fixed up the tarp over the run and added chicken wire we figured it was case closed and problem solved. Nope. I went out this morning and thought I’d check the nest box one more time. I thought I had checked really well but a lady on a rabbit colony Facebook group I’m on said that 4 of 8 had gotten lost and buried in a nest that one of her does had made and she didn’t find them until she cleaned out the whole colony. I cleaned and I found it and I’ll not go into detail. Let’s just say I now know more about the life cycle of flies and why the nest smelled so funky. Sigh. Lesson learned.

IMG_7040   IMG_7043

IMG_7041   IMG_7042

This one is doing great. It’s eyes should open in the next few days and we should be able to tell gender soon. One cool things about rabbits is you can see their coloring right when they are born. Now it has a lot more fur than when we found it a week ago but the patterning is the same. And I thought baby goats were the cutest things on the planet.

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