It clicked!

I’m going to write about our Halloween adventures all out of order because I want to write about my favoritest thing that happened first. And there are 20 pictures in this post because Halloween is the most photogenic holiday ever. Besides Christmas.


When Trick or Treating started, Layna mostly had no idea what was going on. She was digging the whole newness of it, but didn’t get the process at all. Well. She is a quick study.

IMG_7180  IMG_7182

We went to a few houses by my Mom’s house but most were dark so we drove up to another sub development. On the way Layna ate an entire Kit Kat. Through the wrapper. Anyways, the other kids are old pros by now and would lead the way up to the doors. They said “Trick or Treat” and Layna would say, “Hi.” After about seven houses, it clicked. She realized the goodies in the orange bucket she was holding were hers, and come hell or high water or face planting on the sidewalk because it’s hard to walk in shoes, she would not loosen her death grip on that bucket. Driveways were climbed with gusto and doors were pounded vigorously, because she knew what was up now. It was awesome and it’s always nice to be reminded that she is a little kid first and foremost. Sniff…a little kid…not so much a baby anymore…sniff.

IMG_20131031_103344 IMG_7161

We went to the Bellagio Conservatory Halloween morning because honestly, I needed to kill time until Daddy got home. I love it there and we hadn’t gone yet this year. As always it never disappoints.


What are they staring at you ask? What has inspired those looks of awe and joy? (or boredom in Layna’s case) Only some of the coolest creatures ever from Middle Earth! Psssh. Hobbits. Whatever. They had Ents! and I am a huge geek and I know they really weren’t Ents but I called them that in my head and it made my day so much better because they should be Ents and Ents really should exist somewhere on this planet and I’m done now, I promise.

IMG_7165   IMG_7167

Then we went home to nap and get ready for dinner at Grandma’s house.

IMG_7173  IMG_7176

(Naomi swiped Grandma’s cat ears until it was time to be Rapunzel.) On the menu we had Mummy Hotdogs, Monster Teeth and creamed slime (apple slices with cream cheese dip and caramel sauce), Moon chips and troll snot (chips and guacamole), Vampire eye balls (grapes), and Witches Brew (apple cider and Sprite). Yum! Once we were all tanked up we went Trick or Treating.

After acquiring too much candy, we headed home to jammies and the Disney Halloween Special on YouTube. Because I’m the Mom and I’ll be nostalgic if I want to.

IMG_7192I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that my Grandpa is a hardcore technophile. He has owned everything ever made with a power switch since the 60’s. I kid you not. He had one of the first video cameras that had a battery pack you wore in a bag on your shoulder. So a few weeks ago he gave us a perfectly good projector…because he has two others and needs to clear out some space. It is the coolest thing because we can hook up Neil’s laptop, move a couch and it’s like an instant movie theater.

IMG_7193Uncle Ian came over because the plan was to play a game while the munchkins watched the show, but we were all kind of wiped out so we all watched the show. Then it was bed time. But we can’t forget the previous Monday night pumpkin carving! (I almost did…I’m tired)

IMG_7093   IMG_7108

IMG_7102   IMG_7105

“Here’s my Pumpkin!”                              “You can’t have my pumpkin!”

IMG_7118   IMG_7117

I did the face on the left after Naomi specifically said she wanted round eyes and a scary smile face. Turns out I can’t do anything right, so Daddy carved this face on the back. Hooray for Daddies!

IMG_7116I still have no idea what Garyn’s pumpkin is. He asked if I like the “scene” on his pumpkin and I enthusiastically said yes. I still have no idea what Garyn’s pumpkin is.

I hope you had a wonderful first holiday of the holiday season and here’s to all the ones coming up!

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