I was ripped off…

I grew up here. I spent my whole childhood here, but it wasn’t until I became a homeschooling mom of 4 did I discover this cool place. Gosh. All growing up I thought it was stupid to live in a city with fake history. Like the fact that all the buildings are made to look old because nothing here is older than 20 years. All growing up I was immature and narrow-minded. Las Vegas does in fact have a colorful and interesting history dating back much longer than 20 years and I’m glad someone found it important enough to preserve some of that. Also my friend (who also homeschools) is a major history buff and so museums are her favorite. That and she hates Halloween but since Nevada Day is also October 31st  it was the perfect excuse for checking out some of the local historical spots. We went to the Old Mormon Fort, which I’ve driven past a million times but had never actually stopped.

IMG_20131029_102444   IMG_20131029_103827

Our tour guide was really nice and super tolerant of the occasional wayward child. He knew everything about everything and so I actually learned some new random trivia to add to my collection! (Did you know the mesquite tree can send its roots down up to 200 feet?)

IMG_20131029_102643   IMG_20131029_102524

I haven’t developed a new interest in selfies, I swear. I just know that I’ll be sad if I look back on all of this and am not in any of these pictures. So this is me in my “my hair is greasy and nasty but if I wear this no one can tell” hat. My babies liked the trees and the nature and the older kids who thought pushing the stroller would be great fun.

IMG_20131029_104123   IMG_20131029_111726

IMG_20131029_105220   IMG_20131029_105101

One reason this place is so cool, is that it is a very hands on museum. The kids all got to take turns hauling water from the creek to mix in the “mud” (it was mostly cement) and then they got to take shovels of it and put it in a replica of a brick mold. And the cool part is that they are actually using these demonstration bricks to rebuild one of the inner walls of the fort. Naomi couldn’t stop smiling as she carried (slowly) a part of a brick and put it on the wall…she was helping with real work and couldn’t have been happier.

IMG_20131029_110408   IMG_20131029_111812

She also got to sign her name on one of the bricks and that was groovey too. Corra looks good in an Indiana Jones hat. Maybe next Halloween she can be Indiana Jones and Layna can be a boulder…YES!!!

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