New babies are difficult. Never mind the constant care and added responsibility for another human being’s complete well being and total happiness. No man, they have to be added to the matching set.

My journey through motherhood has been one of enlightenment and discovery. Who knew that eye gunk and boogers would elicit an irresistible need in me to remove offending ick the moment I notice it? Or that I have a border-line obsessive compulsive need to maintain matched sets. You can imagine my fear and trepidation when we entered the world of Legos…I still have to go through several deep breaths and counts to ten when I realize he just lost a piece from the set I just bought him. Corra needed one of everything in our Christmas line up, and while not as bad as it could be…I’ve been needing to complete the sets since she was born. To quote another blogger that I like a lot,  “I’m flying my freak flag high today.”


She needed a stocking. Not that there is anything going in it this year, I just needed some relief from the itch in the back of my head reminding me, it wasn’t complete. I bought her stocking last year right after I found out I was pregnant…so the relief was very welcome. Close your eyes and picture a wrapped present on the front of her stocking. That present might not make it on the stocking this year, but the “C” is on, and that’s all that matters in my weird world.

IMG_7267   IMG_7266

My sister in law made the monogram dots for all of us up to Naomi. I made Layna’s and Corra’s. (Thanks again, Jen! At this point in my life I’m grateful for things that are both cute and indestructible). Neil’s grandma made his varsity letter and started the tradition. The first Christmas after we got married, my mom-in-law gave me it and later made Garyn’s (hence the reason his is the prettiest). So of course each of the girls in our family had to have one. Corra’s is not done. Obviously. The stupid plastic canvas stuff kept splitting and calling attention to the fact that my needle was way to big for the holes but I pushed on hoping to super glue it back together but then the plastic canvas stuff laughed at me and it became a matter of gauging my love for my child so now I will be starting over using a smaller needle and hopefully canvas that won’t break or laugh at me; It will be green and have a white border with little white stars and hopefully it will be done before Christmas. [deep breath]


IMG_7270   IMG_7272

It’s my year for Jammas (me and the elves switch off and everyone is happy). I thought it would be fun to make me and the husband guy some too, and I let the older kids pick out the material. Through much debate and discussion, Little Man settled on rock and roll dinosaurs (I was pulling for neon monsters on a black background) and Little Girl settled on hot pink. [Please contain your shock and amazement. Thank you.] I still need to make mine and finish hubby’s and Layna’s, but I’m super excited about them. The men folk will have gray t-shirts and the girls will have white. Corra has the same white sleeper that her three older siblings wore on their first Christmas’s. There is nothing that checks my need for matching sets more than solid tradition.

IMG_7268  IMG_7275

My mom-in-law makes the kids these awesome cross-stitched ornaments every year. I am so excited to see what’s coming (besides Corra’s angel)! And I’ve carried on the tradition that my mom started when I was a kid of giving a special ornament on Christmas Eve. We got Nativity Scene ornaments but I wanted to save myself some of the aggravation my mom went through. It can be expensive to buy those for 6 kids when Nativity Scenes are not so popular anymore. My kids get stars, but already I’m feeling more empathy for my mom…I’d find one I loved and the store would have three. Sigh. This jingle bell is their ornament for this year, because once again I’m really digging cute and indestructible.

My goal was to get all my necessary craftiness out of the way before December hit. We are limiting holiday events to the bare minimum and now that my OCD is in check (and Christmas shopping almost done…Thank you Amazon!) I can’t wait to actually enjoy the holidays, less stress = happy me. Happy start of my second most favorite season!

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