Happy (Almost) First Day of December!

I know today is the second of December. That’s why I said almost, and I’m happy that I’m technically getting this post out on the second…barely. Holidays, man! Needless to say we have been busy! And when I say We, I really mean me (only it would have to be I to be grammatically correct…ahem). And I really mean me because my kids are perfectly content to live in the moment, and my husband does not believe in fuss. Period. Thanksgiving was good times and I’ll be posting on that later (my family looks awesome in tie-dye!) For now we spent the evening waiting for the hay to be delivered (it was supposed to be here early in the afternoon) and decorating our house and tree. Luckily it is a simple process and please excuse the weird picture quality. My camera gets cranky when ever it thinks it might be dark.


First we build the tree. Shush you real tree purists! A fake tree has advantages too…like lights that are already to go when you plug it in!

IMG_7365  IMG_7366

Unless of course you have cats that chew through the light wires, in which case your tree looks like this when you plug it in. Neil was all ready to head out to Joann’s for a replacement tree, but I wanted to call first. They had a bunch of 7′ tall trees but ours is 7.5′ and it’s perfect. Plus I’m not willing to shell out $110 when all I need is some extra strands of lights.

IMG_7369  IMG_7373

I poached some from outside and did what I could. It still needs another strand to fill in the bare patches but the tree will be undecorated and redecorated another 7-9 times before Christmas so I can slip the new lights on anytime.

IMG_7376  IMG_7380

Christmas is starting to sink in for this one. She can stuff an ornament into the branches like no ones business and Aunt Brenna is teaching her to rock out to Christmas carols. Little little girl loves to dance! Good thing she was born into the right family for that. Oh and clothes in December is for sissies.

IMG_7382  IMG_7387

Corra hung out with Daddy and managed music while the kids prettified the tree. She smiled every time I put the camera down. Because that’s what babies do.

IMG_7388  IMG_7390

The stockings are hung by the window with care. And the window reflects the lights so our tree isn’t as bare. Now in my PJ’s I’m heading to bed, as the rabbits and goats and cats are all fed. Happy December, hope you get an egg nog shot. I’ll keep posting our goings on, but continue to rhyme I will not.

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