Thanksgiving Re-Cap

Need to get on this, I’m behind. Christmas, man. Turns out it makes me kind of busy. Anyways, Thanksgiving was lovely. It was short (our animals like to eat…gosh.) but it was really nice to see family that we don’t see very often. Not to mention I got to get my annual pedicure with my Grandma as part of keeping her busy while her 80th birthday party was set up.

IMG_7277   IMG_7309

This one was a hit. Miss Corra was happy and smiley pretty much the whole two days we were there (minus the times it took me too long to make a bottle…little girl does not miss meals). At the pedicure she giggled at the girls working there and it was nice that she slept when she wasn’t smiling. I lucked out with #4.


My family looks good in tie dye.

IMG_7289   IMG_7281

Football was fun even sitting on the sidelines with the babies. The weather was awesome, and we didn’t even use the hoodies we brought. And the best part was Layna didn’t even eat all that much sand!

IMG_7282  IMG_7287

These two danced, and dug, and made sand angels, and didn’t want to leave. Luckily we headed to dinner after this so there was plenty of incentive to say goodbye to the sand dunes for the next two years.


Can’t believe these guys are big enough for an unsupervised kid table. Next they’ll be big awkward teenagers, and then I’ll be a grandma! Waaa! [deep breath] I’m ok.

The little girls almost missed dinner, because football is tiring stuff. Just ask the Dad Guy.


Naomi lost interest in Bingo after I won her a prize but Garyn and his cousin were hard-core, deadset on winning their own prizes. But those poor dudes couldn’t keep up with the big cousins especially during speed Bingo! Luckily Uncle Dad (my Dad’s brother, who looks similar, got dubbed “Uncle Dad” when my little brothers were babies and it stuck) took pity on them and slowed down and kept reading numbers on a few rounds until there were no balls left. All in all our haul was a small Topsy Turvy and red fedora for me, a cars notebook, pencils and Silly String for Garyn, Barbie nail polish for Naomi, and a puzzle for Layna. Neil won most of those for us, because he is awesome like that.

IMG_7345   IMG_7360

Speaking of awesome…after Bingo we played Minute to Win It. Garyn did really well and wasn’t second place by very much (so weird to have him playing with the big people). He had to stack 6 dice on a popsicle stick he held in his mouth. Neil nailed the cup stacking contest, and did you know cup stacking has become a real sport? Not joking…google it.

Friday night after shopping and pedicures we had a big party for my grandma. Her best friends came dressed as nuns and did a skit because my grandma has a thing for nun movies (???). Nothing like a whole bunch of old ladies in nun habits being a little raunchy to get a party going! We snuck out early and that was it. Simple and nice. It’s so weird to think that next year we will have 4 kids running around…sigh. And if you are a loser like me and have yet to have soy egg nog, go get on that! It’s better than the real stuff, which is saying something!

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