White Elephants on parade

Since we moved and were introduced to another homeschooling family by a mutual friend, some awesome things have happened. And I’m happy to say that last Saturday an epic event was added to that list. We became the proud owners of a Yo Nanas. Please hold your raging jealousy at bay, and I will relate to you how fortune smiled upon us.

We were invited to the annual white elephant party. A yummy potluck dinner was followed by a visit from a very special someone.

IMG_0571  IMG_0586

Layna was very much not a fan of Santa. She busted out the epic pout lip and refused to even touch the gift he gave her (a purple fairy wand) and would even move it further away if Neil put it in front of her. Good thing we don’t do the Santa lap picture thing. She’d be traumatized.

IMG_0596   IMG_0592

When the big man came in, Naomi sat on the couch and just giggled. Then she leaned over and said, “Mom, that isn’t the real Santa…He doesn’t have a cherry red nose…tehehehe” She thought it was silly because it wasn’t the real Santa because of said lack of cherry red nose. That’s what gave it away. Wow. I explained that it was one of Santa’s helpers dressed up like him to make the party fun. She thought the whole thing was hilarious. Then he gave her a gift and Little girl was beside herself because Santa gave her “her first real tiara!” She told anyone who would listen (as often as they would listen) that she got her first real tiara! But the fun didn’t end there. Garyn got a flashlight that was meant for one of the older boys and it totally made his night.

IMG_0602 IMG_0604

The White Elephant part worked like this: each family brought kid presents and adult presents (we decided against referring to them as adult novelty gifts…ahem.) The kid gifts were on a table and the kids just got to choose a random present. Naomi got 10ish basketball cards from the early 90’s. Garyn choose the gift I brought, a Cars bag. Layna got a coloring book and crayons.


Then the adults did the real exchange. We all choose numbers and Neil got #1 and I got #19 out of 20. Each gift could be stolen twice. The first present he chose had two (kind of hideous) peach colored glass swans. They are the recurring gag gift but our friend had her heart set on taking them home and she did in fact get her swans. Through stealing and stealing some more we ended up with the most awesome of kitchen gadgets and a lotion/body spray set from Victoria Secret. I’m thinking I’ll re-gift that to my sister as I still have lotion from high school that I’ve never used. We totally lucked out. It could have been so much worse…we could have brought home a cupcake holder full of Girl Scout paraphernalia and brochures. Yeah.

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