Oh Christmas Tree…

I’m lazy. That’s the only explanation I have for why holiday traditions are not carried on in my house exactly the way they were when I was a kid. My mom put together elaborate spreads of assorted candy and cookie sheet after cookie sheet of graham crackers welded together with royal icing. Decorating “ginger bread” houses was one event among many that helped my step siblings and I not hate each other. It worked really well actually. But when I was contemplating this tradition when Little man was old enough to decorate something while I was in the aisle of a craft store, I saw a set of nesting star cookie cutters. I love stars! I give the kids stars every year! I’m a sucker for themes! Done and Done…our tradition of decorating star cookie Christmas trees was born.

IMG_7395   IMG_7396

It’s weird that my two oldest are now fully capable of doing this whole project on their own.

IMG_7397   IMG_7402

Layna got a knife covered in frosting, a pile of m&ms and chocolate chips, and a heart ginger bread cookie. It went about as expected…she ate the candy first thing, licked the knife clean then dropped the cookie on the floor after taking one bite.

IMG_7404   IMG_7410

Neil took our Yo Nanas for its maiden voyage. We love fake ice cream made with frozen bananas and have been making it in our blender for a while now. Who knew there was a machine for this kind of awesome!? He did bananas and peaches and once he stirred them together it really was the consistency of soft serve. When we do it in our blender it is a lot runnier because we have to add milk to get it to blend. I’m a fan and the recipe book it came with is evil. Too many bananas are in my future.


Yes, that’s right. Ninjabread men come to our house. Garyn asked if he could have two and make them fight and I said, “Heck Yes you can!”


He was so meticulous with his tree this year, it made me laugh. Mostly he rationed his frosting so he would have enough for a solid slurp off the knife when he was all done. Definitely his father’s son, that one.


Naomi also wanted a ninja. And she chose a neo-modern emphasis for her tree this year to capture the joy and chaos inherent in the season. Or she is four. And dropped her knife 8 times on the floor (while it was covered in frosting). And lost track of the size of the cookies so smaller ones are beneath larger ones. And kept coming back to snack on her tree and her brothers, until I threatened to throw it away if she didn’t stop picking at it. I am finding also that she is stinking cute and uses it to her full advantage. Curse you clever children!

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One response to “Oh Christmas Tree…

  1. Garth McGuire

    We love the star Christmas trees. They do not work as well in humid climates, like Ohio. We tried a couple of years.
    Grandpa McGuire

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