A New Toy!

People who say that we should and do outgrow toys are kidding themselves. We just move on from brightly colored plastic to metal and electricity. We are taking a goat out to be slaughtered this Saturday and because our Nigerians are so tiny the only real way to butcher the meat is to get the leg shanks and grind the rest. You can’t get any actual cuts that would be worth the effort. Which is fine with  me because we eat ground meat more than any other kind of meat. This whole “eating our goats” thing is going to be a regular occurrence so my husband bought us a meat grinder. That man sure knows the way to my heart. And, wow, that says a lot about me…


Dwalin has not yet been turned into meat, but luckily we had this chuck roast in the freezer, which is the last of the 1/8 of a cow that we bought back in Feburary. As a side note: I know that grass fed beef is the latest healthy thing that you should be doing for your family or else you are a horrible person, but I’m not a fan. Ground is ok because it tastes like what ever I want it to taste like, but the roasts and steaks were not my favorite. Sometimes guilt-free doesn’t taste all that awesome.


The toy itself…I am still kicking myself because I didn’t buy my friend’s grinder when she moved. This one is very similar to hers and worked really well (as it should for the first time round). My favorite part is that the sausage stuffer attachment (and you can bet your hot dog buns that goat and rabbit sausage will be happening at our house soon) fits inside the tamper thing! Brilliant!

IMG_7417   IMG_7418

I followed the instructions and ground it with the most coarse plate before running it through on a medium plate…it was perfect. Having mostly frozen meat killed my hands but made the machine happy.


Who would have guessed when we bought our FoodSaver years ago that it’s main purpose in life would be to package meat? I’m pretty sure I was a vegetarian when we bought it…ha!

IMG_7415   IMG_7420

Oh and lest you think I did this project alone…No, no. Our cat that thinks he’s a dog was there every step of the way. He got to eat the bone clean and any meat that was attached to ligaments that I didn’t want in my ground meat, because I love our cats. Also, I kind of love his tenacity and resourcefulness in procuring food for himself, but when he is pilfering loaves of bread I want to drop kick him in the head.

So excited to get some more ground meat in the freezer and start into sausage making. Not that we eat a ton of sausage, I just have this romanticized vision in my head of the classic farm kitchen with sausage links and cheeses and herbs all hanging from the ceiling. I’ll take a picture if I ever get to that point in my madness hobbies.


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2 responses to “A New Toy!

  1. I am glad to hear someone else mention their experiences harvesting mini goats for meat. Whenever you do butcher, I would love to hear details on dress out percentage and how much you get, if you have those details.

    We have done two Pygmies so far. One at a little over a year, and the other at about 18 months or so. We actually got a surprising amount of relatively large cuts of meat (large for minis). 25-30 pounds of meat off each goat, and really usable for roasts and chops and such. We haven’t ground any of it, but then our ratio of eating cuts more than ground meat is probably similar to yours of ground more than cuts.

    My Pygmies are a bit stockier than my Nigerians, which are more refined. We haven’t butchered a Nigerian yet (and I am not sure if I could, they are so cute, while the Pygmies kinda look alike, haha), so I haven’t compared the differences. Would love to hear more of what you do!

    • Well the wether is going off tomorrow, so I’ll be posting about it. We butchered one before but didn’t take weights and my husband is under strict orders this time to get live, hung, and butchered weights. In the spring we will be having a whole mess of babies (kinder mini-Nubian crosses) and I’m going to record weights every month so we can get an accurate idea of the grow out rates and costs and all of that. And speaking of cute…we also will be processing our first litter of rabbits around the first of the year and I’ll have all the numbers for that when it happens. Thanks for reading and have a great Christmas! =)

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