More chevon for my freezer…

**** Warning: Pictures of raw meat that used to be our goat Dwalin*******

When you castrate a male goat it is referred to as a “wether.” They make awesome pets because they are docile like does, but can never get pregnant (obviously) and they don’t get as big, aggressive, or stinky as an intact buck. We had a boy born last summer and he was a very sweet little wether. However, like most wethers he was always destined to go into the freezer. That happened yesterday. It’s not too bad for me because I still get to maintain something of a disconnect between my animals and my food. He left as Dwalin and then my husband brought back two sides of chevon that I’ll be breaking down Tuesday. For those of you who are interested…

17 month old Nigerian dwarf wether: live weight = 56 lbs. Hung weight = 27 lbs. actual yield = to be determined on Tuesday.

IMG_0635   IMG_0638

Rather than slaughter and dress him on our back porch, the husband guy opted to take advantage of a company in a neighboring city that will kill and field dress anything from a little goat to a huge steer. It was $25 for someone else to do all the work, plus Neil got some good ideas on how to do it if we ever process a goat at our house in the future.

Little man went along for the ride and was eager to see everything (minus them actually shooting the goat).

IMG_0641   IMG_0642

Neil sent me this picture on my phone and my first thought was that “wow, he had a lot of fat!” When I texted Neil that, he replied that everyone where he was at thought our goat was really lean. Guess butchering pigs gives you better perspective for that sort of thing. And that’s what a goat liver looks like. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with it, but at the very least it should make our cats happy. You better believe that if the liver and heart make it into people food, I’ll be blogging about that.

IMG_0646   IMG_0645

A reciprocating saw! Brilliant! We just need to get a different blade, and the husband’s newest toy power tool will be way more versatile than we thought!

Neil has Christmas Eve off, so all we have to get done during the day is breaking this loveliness down in to a more useable form and toss it all into the freezer. I’m really curious to see how much meat we get and in the mean time, I need to go look up recipes for BBQ ribs a la Dwalin.


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2 responses to “More chevon for my freezer…

  1. Christina

    I’m curious to know where you took Dwalin? I may need to use their services in future. I live in Vegas as well and do not want to have to do it in my backyard. Thanks

    • There is a man out in Pahrump who will kill and dress the goat, then you can take it to a butcher to cut and wrap the meat (if you want it cut and wrapped) his name is Bob Berhman and has a mobile slaughter business called “b&b slaughterl. He is great to work with and we think the price and drive are totally worth it!

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