Joy is…


Cheese fondue straight out of the pot. We don’t need no stinkin fondue forks!

IMG_7666   IMG_7669

IMG_7676   IMG_7672

Tie dyeing, goofy little sisters and baby who is learning to both rock out to good music and operate iPhones…simultaneously.

IMG_7684  IMG_7677

New additions to the family that could sleep through an air raid, and chocolate dipped mint Oreos (or 5).


IMG_7686   IMG_7695

That moment when my husband turns 12 again because he is lighting off fireworks and my inner twelve year old and his bump fists.

But mostly joy is a year well lived and the new car smell that accompanies all new beginnings. I love New Years because there is so much potential and hope floating around. The only thing that would make today better is if it was Monday. But that’s just my OCD talking. Happy everything to you today!

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