I used to be a runner

And then we moved. Suddenly running was not so easy to fit in and for some reason once I checked “half marathon” off my life to-do list, it was hard to make it a priority. Also now that I’m doing farm chores (bunnies, garden, trees, making little man take care of chickens, etc.) it’s hard to want to find the time. But lest you think I don’t do anything in the way of forward motion…

IMG_0672  IMG_0676

I amble and perambulate.

IMG_0677  IMG_0673

I meander and stroll. (I also tell my children to wear jackets and tennis shoes, because I dunno, it’s Janruary! Then we end up like this…or better yet I end up holding the jacket. Serves me right I suppose.)

IMG_0685   IMG_0682

I lollygag and dawdle.

So in short, I am not so much a runner anymore  as a walker going at toddler speed (although I’m hoping to pick up the pace again at some point in my future). New Year’s resolutions are one of my fortes, but this year I’m opting out of my check lists and guilt trips resolutions. This isn’t to say I’m not instituting some big changes, because I’m all about self improvement. I’m just going to be inspired by my husband and my little girls and my not so little boy to make better choices for myself because I’m worth that. You know, most days. Oh and as an aside/soap box sermon: I get mildly annoyed when people say stuff to the effect of “I hope this year is better than the last” or “make this year the best one yet” because sometimes that’s not possible or necessary. Sometimes this year is going to be way worse than the last, and that’s ok. (And this is coming from an optimist, ha!) You grow when things suck and are horrible. Instead I hope this year is filled with tiny moments that make you smile. Even if you don’t remember them in 20 years, even if all they do is take the edge off really rough times, and especially if they are just icing flowers on an already beautifully frosted cake.


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2 responses to “I used to be a runner

  1. cody

    Love this. Train for a Marathon. That’ll get your attention again 🙂

    • So I’ve decided that races are like childbirth…after you finish you vow “Never again!” Then amnesia sets in and all you remember is how awesome it was, and you sign up again. The amnesia is almost there, Cody!

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