Because this is what we talk about.

I have a confession. I’m 28 years old and I recently discovered that I kind of love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Talk about guilty pleasures…just typing the name of the show made me blush a little as I sit here late at night in my jammies. I’m not going to buy a ticket to BronyCon, but the show makes me laugh, I actually love the animation style and I may or may not have bought the second half of a Little Ponies comic book for…um…”my kids” because “they” needed to know how the story ended…[coughcough].

So we were talking about Ponies and Equestria (because this is what we talk about) and I was having a nice conversation with Little Man about how Rainbow Dash can be his favorite even though she is, in fact, a girl. That turned into coming up with our own pony names. And just so you know…Naomi is “Pink Dash” and has yet to discover her talent which would dictate her cutie mark (symbol on the pony’s butt flank) much like the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Although today she said her name is “Blue Bluey Raspberry” and her cutie mark is…well…complicated {see below} Garyn is “Red Nut” and his cutie mark is a nut with two bolts on either side over a robot. {Also see below} It’s great and so apropos. My husband guy is…undecided…on his pony name, but rest assured he will have one soon.

You can’t talk pony names without talking skin color and mane/tail color and cutie marks. And you can’t be me and think about all of that and not want to actually draw it.


The problem with blogging at night is that if I still need pictures the light is horrible. See? the background is supposed to be hot pink not orange, {sigh} but you get the idea.

Pony Name: Dapple Pie. Cutie Mark: Pie with a flower growing by it. Hair color: Awesome

IMG_7701   IMG_7702

I’m not the only one to have my artistic sensibilities awakened by this show. Garyn’s cutie mark is on the left and Naomi’s is on the right. It’s her name with another pony (Twilight Sparkle, the protagonist) underneath it…not sure if it refers to her talent of becoming Twilight Sparkle or what. Oh and that’s how we write things now a days. She tells me what she wants to say and I write it in “dot letters” that she can trace.


Garyn requested emphatically several times today that I draw his pony. I promised I’d work on it tonight but in pencil in case he wants things changed. For the record it is hard to draw a masculine pony with curly hair. Luckily the lack of eyelashes, short mane and tail indicate to you, the viewer, that, as per rules of animation, you are looking at a boy. I was supposed to do more but I’m thinking he is going to want it all changed anyways so probably going to wait until tomorrow.


And because I know you were wondering if Ponies can pose in any other position…here you go.

I’m thinking if I can get better pictures I’ll update this post, but for now….this is my latest occupational hazard of being a mother. It’s good stuff.

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