Discovering again…

I’ve written about the Lied Discovery Museum before (and I’d link to it if I could find the post), but we got to go again the Tuesday after Winter Break ended. It was bliss. Very few other kids (all of them 4 years old or younger), no field trips, and we didn’t even go as a group so it was just us. Like I said…Bliss. We discovered some new things and Layna was out on her own because Corra is now the designated stroller baby.

IMG_20140107_100539   IMG_20140107_111157

Corra discovered that taking a nap is always the right answer.

IMG_20140107_101615  IMG_20140107_100411

I discovered the raincoats with ears! [squee!] Layna discovered the holy grail of all plastic balls! So much awesome!

IMG_20140107_101725  IMG_20140107_100321

More ears…tehehehe! Unfortunately Naomi discovered that they put a cover on the swirling vortex of greatness, and so it is much harder to toss a ball in and get it in one of the holes…I’m guessing some kid’s baby brother got tossed in. Just a theory.

IMG_20140107_101638  IMG_20140107_100233

As if I wouldn’t have a matching set of kids in ears. Garyn discovered that there is actual building stuff in Waterworld…not just the water canon. It was fun to see him playing like a big kid.

IMG_20140107_105938  IMG_20140107_110426

IMG_20140107_113219  IMG_20140107_112459

It was so nice to just meander and not hurry the kids through or encourage them to give the other kids a turn. There were no other kids! I’m thinking the Tuesday after Spring Break is over might just be a museum date for us…#awesomethingabouthomeschooling #justkiddingihatehashtags

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