6 month update

My shmoopsiepoops is Mr. Bates no longer! I did mention that when she was a new born, Corra looked like Mr. Bates from Downton Abby, right? Maybe it was just me in my totally sleep deprived fog, but with her small eyes and weird newborn look, she did look like a cranky British man. Well Mr. Bates no longer!

IMG_6793   IMG_6811

Newborn and kind of funny looking…

IMG_20140215_070139   IMG_20140215_120020

6 months old and a professional sitter upper and finger eater.

IMG_7796   IMG_7785


Not to mention roller over-er and eater of mommy’s Valentine’s Day flowers…I’ve only refilled the water in the vase twice…This one has stories to tell and places to go, which is convenient because she is official stroller baby. That would be because Layna has walls to walk and displays to climb. Also babies are the only ones who should wear jeggings and they should wear them all. the. time.

Miss Corra Shea (aka CoCo, CoSheaCoShea,  Cookie [her mermaid name], Blueberry [her pony name]) is still perfectly content to smile at the world and chew on anything she can get into her mouth. She will scream her displeasure if Layna (or anyone) takes something away from her, or if it is time to eat. Doesn’t miss meals, this one. She is rolling over, sitting up, and once she gets over this silly cold, will be starting solid food. That’s also assuming I can get my act together and get back into “making baby food” mode.

Garyn likes to make her laugh by running straight at her from across the room and stopping inches from her face. Naomi is still learning the difference between “Happy Noises” and “You Better Get Away From Me Right Now Noises.” Layna likes to kiss her and lay on her, especially since Corra is too big for Layna to hold anymore.

It’s weird to think how sad I was that she wasn’t going to be a boy. It’s also weird to think back on those first really difficult few weeks and the dreaded “failure to thrive” diagnosis. The littlest of my girls is making up for lost time and we are all thoroughly in love.

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