We fish. Do you fish? We haven’t always fished. Today we went and fished. We didn’t actually catch any fish. But we fish. Fish are tricksy, when you fish.


Neil has had to do a ton of research (leading to a whole bunch of red tape covered brick walls…stupid government) about importing and stocking fish. Along the way he found what is involved in fishing at local ponds and thought it would be super fun to take the kids. He was right and today we had our first go at fishing.

My first and probably only memory of ever going fishing was with my Dad somewhere in Southern California. Memories from childhood tend to make everything 3 times as big as they really were, but not in this case. For me, I remember that fishing pond being about the size of a small kid wading pool (and that’s saying something since I was probably 5 or 6 at the time). I remember we caught the fish then they went into the freezer, and I think I was both relieved and disappointed that we never actually ate them. However, it was a super cool memory and I remember thinking how awesome it was of my Dad to take me to do that. Thanks, Dad!

IMG_7841   IMG_7846

I got the kids’ rod up and functioning before Neil was ready with his, so I tried to show Garyn what to do. I couldn’t get it to cast out farther than about 4 feet. I had the husband guy come over and he didn’t fare much better. Then I gave up and had to go wrangle little girls and Little Man asked if he could try. “Sure, why not?” I said. Yeah, he was really good and totally didn’t need any help or explanation…I forget that he getting all big and stuff.

IMG_7845   IMG_7855

Something about this girl in a pony tail makes me melt…throw in her dad teaching her something and I’m a puddle. Little girls are weird like that and motherhood is even weirder.

IMG_7860   IMG_7874

I’m going to cry when we cut this one’s hair and I can’t do a pony tail in it for a while. I love the pony tail! Anyways, first thing she did when I was distracted was to ease herself off the step into the lake with her shoes on. After that it was non-stop walking around, climbing any ledges she could reach, and snacking. I must say, though, that she is a very responsible stroller driver and didn’t even try to push Corra into the pond.

IMG_7873   IMG_7879

I know these pictures look like every other picture of this baby I have posted recently. That would be because she only has two facial expressions: smiling, and not smiling. Oh and speaking of smiling…tonight she also had her first real adventure with solid food. She giggled when I gave her a bite of mushed up avocado and didn’t stop smiling until it was all gone and she had to get down. Yup, smiling with avocado drool was a whole new level of cute.


Overall it was a hard lesson for Garyn that you don’t always catch something. He stuck with it the whole two and a half hours we were there (which surprised me) and had a great time. He’s already figuring out what we could do to improve our chances and asking about other lakes to visit. The girls just loved that I brought yummy snacks…you know, the kind I usually never buy because I’m a mean mom. I like fishing and I’m excited to post some pictures of us with fish we have actually caught. If we could only figure out how to get some into our aquaponics system that would be a lot easier…

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