To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

No more heavy and philosophical posts for me for a while…just epic morning hair! Little Miss Layna snores. Not cute baby hard breathing, I’m talking she could make a congested polar bear jealous. Her pediatrician has commented on it and how at some point a sleep study might be a good idea to rule out sleep apnea. So when her speech therapist expressed concern that there are sounds she won’t make because of having to change how she breathes, we scheduled the sleep study. You would think that eight years and four kids later, some of the naivety would have melted away. No, no. I truly believed that sleeping at a sleep center away from my other kids and evil cats might equal a good nights sleep. Ha!

IMG_20140327_201845   IMG_20140327_203846

No nap, but an 8:30 night time drive with Mommy made for a silly and happy girl. We got to the place and had to wait for the tech to finish with the screaming baby next door. I already have bags under my eyes…I should have recognized that ill omen for what it was.

IMG_20140327_204755   IMG_20140327_203908

We played and I happily thought this lovely crib was where Layna would be sleeping while I crashed in the huge bed on the other side of the room. Nope. I was so wrong.


The tech came in and started sticking things to Layna’s face and put the bands on her tummy and chest and if it weren’t for the tissue that we kept throwing on the floor, I think Layna would have punched tech lady in the face. Actually, she did try. Then we laid her in the big bed and I snuggled next to her and sang “Five little monkeys sitting in a tree” and “The wheels on the bus” and she was out. No Nap for the win! The tech came in and added the oxygen thing on her nose and plugged everything in. As I couldn’t fit in the crib I was stuck next to her. I slept about two hours total. Since becoming a mom I’ve become a crazy light sleeper. Not a good thing when you have a loud breathing mobile toddler who is trying to strangle herself by rolling over repeatedly. The flashlight from the tech’s iPhone when she came in to re-hook wires pulled out by mobile toddler, didn’t help either. By 5 am we were done and got to un stick all that tape and goo. It was as fun as it sounds.


And that goo made for the most epic morning hair I’ve ever seen. Truly the photo doesn’t do it justice. We will know in a few weeks what is up with her sleeping, but until then we close the door and try to ignore the lumberjack in the other room.

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