Sushi is like marriage. And marriage is like Sushi. All you can eat. No, really! Stick with me here! Our ninth anniversary was this past Wednesday (April 23) and we went out for Sushi to celebrate. I can make this metaphor happen…just watch.

[photo disclaimer: the food and company were so good, so distracting, that I totally forgot to take pictures of anything. Any pictures of food are from a website reviewing the resturant.]

The un-initiated hear rave reviews and people using phrases like “screaming orgasm” (name of a popular sushi roll) but then they also hear the scary stories. Epic food poisoning. Death by bad fish. Everyone has heard a nasty divorce horror story too, right? But despite the general glowing praise of these institutions, they still can’t figure out how the preparation process and the combining of such weird and incongruous ingredients can produce some sort of gastronomic bliss. How could chaining yourself to one person eternally be a happy thing? They think, “Whoa, banana tempura. So not my thing.” But here’s the great part about all you can eat: When you are all in, Committed, Hell bent on getting your money’s worth in raw fish, dang it…you suddenly can jump in and say, “Banana tempura might be the most brilliant thing ever.” And it is. I tried some…it was magical.

Marriage is like that. You look at the person and you think, “Whoa, Anime. So not my thing.” But then you pay your fee, say yes, there’s nothing to lose and poof! you find something new to love about this random assortment of ingredients your spouse. The other thing about sushi…its better with a buddy. Exhibit A: Pickled Ginger. Dude. I could eat it by the jar. I day dream about that stuff. Neil hates it. Ta Da! We are the perfect sushi buddies because I get all I want and he doesn’t have to lift a chopstick to get rid of it.

Ok fine, my metaphor is falling apart because of course marriage is only possible with a friend…sigh. I’ll stop now. But you get my point, right? I’m grateful that 9 years later I’m more in love, more smitten by my best friend than I thought possible. He makes my world turn and I’m glad we are on the same frequency with just about everything. I’ll forgive him the pickled ginger, tomatoes, and avocados, but only because he’s cute.




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