This too…

“This too shall pass.” That went through my head this morning when I was up to my eyeballs in my morning routine. What does that entail? I’m so glad you asked! It is making 2-3 different breakfasts (kids never agree), washing dishes, rinsing grain for the goats that is sprouting on my counter (whole post on that awesomeness later), wrangling babies/changing diapers, harvesting from the garden to feed the bunnies, dealing with some sort of cultured milk product (cheese or yogurt or experimentations), cleaning up kids, hustling little man out the door to take care of chickens, kissing the farmer as he dashes out the door, and etc. etc. etc. Sorry. It makes me feel more like Super Woman than crazy overwhelmed mom when I list it all out like that…shameful ego boost for me.

Anyways, it occurred to me that while that phrase has grown cliché in the use as a comforter for trials, it also applies to the beautiful, magical moments in life too. When I’m being swarmed by three little girls who all want to be in my lap at the same time it comes to mind as both sanity mantra and reminder to enjoy my littles. As this week moves forward in busy-as-all-get-out prep for a trip back east (many posts to come! I am sooooo excited!!!), these are my favorite things that will pass. But for now they make me smile. Really big.

IMG_20140506_061311  IMG_20140506_061317

Starting them young.

IMG_20140504_190046  IMG_20140504_190040

She is our resident fashion maven. Bold and Daring, she doesn’t let such bourgeois notions like “pants go on your legs” and “T-shirt holes are not meant for feet” stop her. Size shmize…my baby sister’s dress was just laying there waiting, nay demanding, to be made fabulous.

IMG_20140502_130300  IMG_20140503_163436

Lately I have just enjoyed quietly watching this one happily engaged in her own world. Oh and that massive bean bag and equally massive monkey stuffed animal were the best Christmas purchases. Ever.

IMG_20140505_175007  IMG_20140505_180018

So Cross Cookies. Garyn decided that he wanted to teach our Family Home Evening lesson (for my non-LDS readers: Family Home Evening is just where we spend time as a family on Monday nights. We talk about what our upcoming week is like, talk about any family related stuff, have a lesson about the scriptures or just virtues we want to teach, and then an activity and treat. It is simple and fun and something our kids look forward too.) So I reined in my proud mother exuberance so I wouldn’t squash this and stepped back and let him do his thing. He requested chocolate chip cross cookies because he was going to tell the Resurrection story. He did great and it totally made me sniffle. I did my best with his request, and thank everything seven year olds are way to into novelty cookies to be critical of appearance.

With these last few posts, I’m noy trying to wax philosophical about savoring the small moments. It may sound like it. Blog posts like that, sometimes sound preachy and often make me feel guilty. Honestly there are so many moments that I don’t savor. Things I will happy dance about when we are done (diapers and poop finger-painting to name a few). This is not a call to action, it’s the view from where I sit.  A friend challenged me lately to think “what would a holy woman do?”  I have decided that a holy woman moves gracefully through time, loving the moments and letting them go. Then she becomes the old crone (if that doesn’t make sense, I’ll explain later) with no regrets  and a very full heart.


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