Back East

My butt has been thoroughly kicked by this trip. Never mind that we got back Tuesday afternoon and I still haven’t recovered. Never mind that all of our kids proceeded to get wicked head colds and graciously passed them on to me (yup I have a cold x4). No, no. My butt got kicked so bad I can’t think of anything clever to say about this awesome, epic trip…and I have preemptively been thinking about this very post for weeks now! Sigh. I’m going to split up the trip into a few different posts so that hopefully by the time my cold abates and my writing mojo returns I can do our adventure justice. For now, the airport.


I crammed in the back of the van so we could give Uncle Ian a ride. He was worried he’d be pressed into service as a baby wrangler and, true, he was in the airports. On the plane he lucked out and had nice peaceful rides.

IMG_0927   IMG_20140508_090123

IMG_20140508_090415   IMG_0926

Lots of waiting and exploring and they loved all of it. Layna alternated between needing to wave at everyone and refusing to say hi or be friendly at all. Mostly if it was her idea she was all over it. Because she’s three.

IMG_20140508_113306   IMG_0930

Layna and Corra slept to and from Denver both ways. Weird but so much better than I was anticipating! Really the only reason Layna fussed was because she was strapped down for take off and landing and Corra just got mad when she slammed her face into my face. Yeah, I get that. My children are natural born travelers, much to their wanderlusting grandpa’s delight.

This concludes the lamest post ever, but I think it would only get worse the longer I put it off. You know…it’s like when you can’t remember someone’s name and it just gets more awkward the longer the conversation goes. You can’t ask their name after 10 minutes. Better stuff to come, including kites, waterfalls and lots of green everything.


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