Trade offs.

First, the airport in Denver is very cool. And my babies were glad of the break from seatbelts.

IMG_8256   IMG_8260

Now. Brace yourself. There is about to be a ridiculous amount of green on your computer screen. You might want to sit down. Oh, wait. Never mind.

IMG_8264  IMG_8265

This sort of thing just happens in Ohio. And other places not Las Vegas (so I’m told). It was the most awesome thing to take walks through the neighborhood and people just had tulips and real flowers and grass! Oh wow, I didn’t realize that I might be willing to trade a difficult winter for a yard of grass that just happens. And dosen’t scratch you up like crazy. Someday, man. We might just move to grass.

IMG_8273   IMG_8321

IMG_8315   IMG_8271

IMG_8281   IMG_8296


The monkeys took full advantage.

So the trade off to the beautiful weather we had the whole trip was the thunder storm the night before we came home with it’s accompanying tornado warning. Not just warning but a “we went and hung out in the basement just in case” kind of thing. It was definitely an experience. Nothing happened but a tornado did, in fact, touch down a few miles away, so we were totally good with our tornado drill.  The other obvious trade off is that to have green and growing you need rain and lots of it. In the winter that looks like snow (shhh! I’m a desert baby so this is all new and earth shattering to me!) I keep telling myself that I can handle rain and snow, but mostly I’m glad that daydreaming about it is all I can do right now. Someday is very safe and comfortingly vaguely in the future.



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2 responses to “Trade offs.

  1. Jen

    So… Umm… North Carolina is REALLY green and we usually get about one or two snow days all winter long. I’m just throwing that out there 🙂 Also, NC has cousins!!

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